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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Slots - Wizard of Oz.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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Hey! Looking for cheats in Oz; coins or gifts etc! I used to adjust date and times to "steal coins" but latest update seems to of axed that option.. Now I adjust the day to day for monthly morsels to accrue extras but its tedious to do on the daily but does have good benefits if looking back in 2018... So if you have any advice or hacks on how to fill my bank balance up with credits etc I'm definitely interested! Thanks in advance
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"It's back, set your phone clock back! Because of my level I collect bonus every hour. So start at 12:01 and work your way to the current time. Of course the first one just resets the game clock so no bonus for that one but 1:01, 2:02, 3:03 ect... Again it depends on what level ( VIP ) you are for how often you set up the phone clock ( 1 or 2 hours) to collect your bonus. Hope that helps you"


This no longer works for me. (unless they caught me doing it, because I've needed their help a time or two)  If I go back, it no longer has a bonus... it just shows a coundtown clock to however far I go back... to the current day. It says an internet connection is needed.

HOWEVER... you CAN go back to the beginning of a month and respin through the Monthly Magic and collect scratchers. That's what I have to do now. Most months have a higher collection spin, but July 2018 give you 4 in the month. June has a high amount per day/spin, and you get 2 for the month. You can do this as many times as you want.

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