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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Soldiers Inc..

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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So is there a cheat sheet out there because one of my player started out this wednesday an now he got everything in one day this not fair to others.from sector-9


I Need to know how to get Dimonds fast 



nukes in soldiers inc. used against a well defended base with many guns.  used during a challenge. who gets the most points. and are they worth using against such 

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Is there a way, not necessarly a cheat by which you can train two contracts at the same time?

i want a way to gain more army from zhg mission how to play ??


Hey everyone.Is there a way to revive my units without having to use diamonds? It would be great if i could use some of my resources to revive my units.
Maybe not

Es gibt keinen Weg um an mehr Truppen zu kommen bei S&D Missionen. Du Kannst nur Leitinfanterie und Schwere Infanterie gegen bessere Truppen austauschen. Du bekommst immer nur das zurück was du auch Investiert hat. Sagen wir mal dein letzter Payout waren 2 mio Offensivkraft, dann musst du diese 2 mio plus-minus 10% wieder Einzahlen also sprich zerstören um an den nächsten payout zu kommen.

Update your codes to earn real earnings

If someone sent $15.00 through paypal to [email protected] along with an email address. Massive ZG xp and diamonds will be added to their accounts, no user name password required. + before November 10th they get an automatic 60% return on all destroyed offense 28 hours after a attack.

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