Spades Royale Free coins as of 5/28/23

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Not sure if there are any administrators running this site anymore since one posted that most have already stopped but they or someone may tr to keep it going.  So my question goes out to anyone that is either an administrator or has administrator privileges can they please go through the links in Spades Royale free coins that no longer work. I know as for me only the first two links work for me as of 5/28/23 any feedback would be greatly appreciated also ty. P.S. dear administrators if any read this,,,, you claim many of you are getting to old to keep up with this site ??? Im not sure what al it entitles to keep it updated and running smoothly but im sure none of you are as old as me or even close and im in here daily plus pay Spades Royale daily 5 to 8 times a day and im 61

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I'm 61 also

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