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GET WAR AND SUPPLY CHESTS FOR FREE! Attention: the chest expires in 24 hours


GET WAR AND SUPPLY CHESTS FOR FREE! Attention: the chest expires in 24 hours


A whisper goes round that mysterious wizard from the faraway lands has come to our kingdom and brought some treasures! But tough luck! Sly rivals has captured the wizard. You have a rare opportunity to get 2 random legendary 17% relics, if at least one of them is missing from you. Find a thief on the Arena: you will discover the cage with the wizard on the map of his town.Gain victory, turn the old man free and he will reveal the secret of ancient relic’s receiving.Good luck on the battlefield!


Brave warlords!Which way of collecting resources do you prefer?» «


Brave warlords!Time to chat! How do you spend your weekend?» «


Brave warlords! You did a great job in guessing which detail belongs to a certain owner. And eventually, you guessed! The pictures from the previous post show body parts and elements of equipment of the Orc, Knight, Goblin, and Elf!Leave a «LIKE» and follow the link to get FREE SQUAD!


Brave warlords! There are different types of warriors in every leader's army. They have their own tactics and appearance. They`re all different, but can you guess them by a little detail? On the picture below, you can see 4 body parts and elements of the equipment of the various units. Write in the comments the number of the detail and its owner.Play with us:


You've managed to get to the very heart of the volcano where the Hall of Fire is hidden. It will help you to reveal all the mysteries of the ancient magic!Follow the link to get a CHEST OF FIRE >>


Brave warlords!In this update, we have made a number of technical improvements and released minor fine-tunings to make the game more user-friendly.1.Display the level of the Castle in the Brotherhood windowNow you can view the level of the Castle of all members of the Brotherhood by choosing the appropriate way of sorting the list within the Brotherhood.2.Characteristics of troops in the HeadquartersIn the Headquarters window, you can now view the characteristics of your troops. To do this, move the cursor over the icon of the warrior you are interested.3.Characteristics of buildings of base of othersNow you can view information about a building and its characteristics when viewing the bases of other players (including revenge). To do this, you need to click on the building - a window will appear in which you can see the parameters of the building and the bonuses that affect them.4.Brotherhood HierarchyFixed a bug whereby an officer in the Brotherhood could eliminate another officer. Now the officer can only eliminate regular members of the Brotherhood.Have a good game!


The spell was prophetic! The secret of the Phoenix Lair location is revealed! Get this chest as a reward »


Get through smoke and ashes to revive a volcano! Only a clean fire from the heart of the world can give you access to a secret fire magic.Ancient legends say only one spell can ignite a flame with renewed vigor. Try to remember the spell and vote for it in our poll!What spell do you need to cast?1. Sagittarius2. Proelium3. Aeternum


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