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GET WAR AND SUPPLY CHESTS FOR FREE! Attention: the chest expires in 24 hours


GET WAR AND SUPPLY CHESTS FOR FREE! Attention: the chest expires in 24 hours


A whisper goes round that mysterious wizard from the faraway lands has come to our kingdom and brought some treasures! But tough luck! Sly rivals have captured the wizard. You have a rare opportunity to get 2 random legendary 17% relics if at least one of them is missing from you. Find a thief on the Arena: you will discover the cage with the wizard on the map of his town.Gain victory, turn the old man free and he will reveal the secret of ancient relic’s receiving.Good luck on the battlefield!


You have found Flavius's secret treasure, congratulations!


That's right, the answer is correct, it's 16:10! As soon as you moved the hands to the right places, there was a click and the clock, along with the stove, drove off to the side. You saw a small room and three chests. One of them contains rubies, the other contains mysterious scrolls, and the third contains a strange artifact for summoning warriors. Choose your destiny, which chest will choose the majority, you will receive such a reward!


Directly opposite the skeleton, you see a strange clock that is hiding something. This is true! You notice that the clock is a kind of lock that locks the door, barely visible behind it. Above the clock there is an inscription: "There is a time for everything past" and three options - 16:10, 17:10, 18:10. You need to set the right time, based on the numbers that you met earlier, traveling in the laboratory. Go for it, the last treasure is waiting for you!


The headquarters announces the roll call! Not simple, but playful. A comment with the name of his city should start with the last letter of the name of the city of the previous commentator. For example, the previous one wrote "Amsterdam", which means that the next one is written by the person who lives, for example, in Minneapolis, and so on according to the list! I'll start with myself - Krasnodar.


By scientific poke, you can do it! The correct answer is 16! As soon as you press the button, the door opens with a click and you see a spacious room, all in rusty fixtures. At the table sits a human skeleton, dusty and forgotten. In his hands, you see a key, and next to it there are boxes. Open them up quickly!


Suddenly, you heard a light knock behind one of the walls, similar to the operation of some kind of mechanism. Walking along the shelves, you stumbled into a plywood section that is very different from the other coating. The board easily fell off the wall, as soon as it was pryed off. The knock become a little louder, and a strange door have appeared in front of you. Above it, you saw four buttons with numbers that did not tell you anything. After exploring the room a little more, you find a box with two rolls and a piece of paper. A riddle is written on it, the result of which, obviously, you must guess, and the correct answer will open the way forward for you! And, of course, unpack the bundles as soon as possible!


Bravo! Many of you guessed the differences correctly, now the souls of the Butlers are free! Their bodies, disfigured by Flavius's experiments, crumbled to dust and they found peace. Literally right there, a secret door opened in front of you, there was a room that Flavius probably used as a warehouse. Almost everything has decayed and rotted away, but under a pile of rubbish you found two untouched chests with cherished scrolls!



Brave Warlords! Important Changes! Some of the Arena bots at Castle Level 17-19 have been reworked, they’ve become more varied and stronger. Now we have several types of bots, each of them with advantages over certain types of units. This suggests a deeper tactical approach and analysis. But due to some boosts there will be less looted resources. Adjusted matchmaking for players with exceedingly high Morale at the Arena to bring in more variety. Previously you could encounter the same players at high levels, but now the algorithm will try to expand the search range for a greater variety of opponents. It’s much easier to share replays of battles now. You can send it to the Brotherhood’s chat in one click or copy the link in a special window and share it with your friends wherever they are! Also note that social media publications from the game have been disabled.This is just the beginning, there are a lot of interesting things ahead!And to help you a little in the fight for Phoenix, the headquarters sent in new reserves, let's take it apart!


You decided to fly around your possessions in an airship and suddenly you saw a red glow in the distance. This is the former laboratory of Professor Flavius, who once lived here. However, it is guarded by certain creatures named Butlers. Or we'd rather say what's left of them after inhuman experiments. Butlers used to do any kind of dirty job in the laboratory but now they've become much more deadly and dangerous. Resurrected Butlers are not just ordinary creatures which can be created by any scientific method. They were created by using forbidden magic. Adergran wizards prefer not to use or even mention it in their talks. Minds of Butlers are enslaved and they act like puppets. But there is a way to break the curse and make them free of control. Butlers are as like as two peas but if you can find difference between them they will become free! Did you find all of them? Write down in the comments!


Unfortunately summer is about to end… But we won`t be upset, right?! Autumn is also a magnificient season with very bright nature. Dwarf Cannoneer has spent his summertime eating non-healthy food and absolutely forgot what he actually should do! Poor Dwarf… So here`s how he started his first autumn day! How is your first autumn day going? Share your stories and pictures with us! And some warriors have come to you for re-education:


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