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Throne Rush


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Throne Rush

The Vampire Queen has prepared some gifts for all invited guests. You need to pass her quests to get them. ⁉The Queen is famous all over Adergran for her passion for puzzles. She`d love to set one of them to solve. The smallest one is only 2,4 centimeters height and its working cycle is less than 5 seconds.... Pirates consider it as a symbol of finitude of being and its image on a flag means "Take no prisoners". Any guess as to what it could be? ➡

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Throne Rush

The Wheel of Fortune is back! In the next 48 hours you can test your luck one more time and win: Precious gems! Jackpot: the amount of Jackpot gems depends on the number of wheel's turnings, which are performed by players with the use of gems. The more players will test their luck using gems – the more gems Jackpot will contain.... Unique chest! After opening it,You will get one of the decorations from previous events and holidays (which you still don't have) Three types of Artifact Fragments: Common, Rare and Epic. Please note: if you max your artifacts, you'll get Dragon Ore instead of artifact fragments. Different packs with enchanted coins, crystals, spells and resources. Let's play:

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Throne Rush


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Throne Rush


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Throne Rush

Brotherhood War has already started! ➡ All the information about the update here: Special video tutorial here: Attention: If your brotherhood doesn't have a rival, it means that the distribution involved an odd number of clans. In this case, your brotherhood will receive Star Chest. You will be able to open it up and collect stars at the end of a War. #NextersGlobal #ThroneRush

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Throne Rush

We know that many of you have issues with Adobe Flash Player while playing using Google Chrome. We have some advice for you to fix the problem: №1 1. Open the game and press a big green «PLAY NOW» button.... 2. Allow Facebook to run flash like it is shown in the picture. Enjoy the game Unfortunately our previous advice can fix the problem for one browser session only. Follow the next instruction to fix your flash once and for all: №2: 1. Insert this line into your URL bar: chrome://flags/#enable-ephemeral-flash-permission 2. Press «Enter». 3. Click on the «Default» button next to «Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions» and choose «Disabled» option. 4. Click on the «Relaunch Now» button in the lower right corner. 5. After these steps your browser will restart. From now on there is no need to allow flash everytime you want to play Throne Rush! Also if you've encountered problems with black screen in the game please try the following: 1. Start the game. 2. Switch to fullscreen mode («F» button). 3. Right-click on any part of the screen. 4. In the opened window select the «Options» tab. 5. In the opened tab remove or put the check box next to the «Enable Hardware Acceleration» setting depending on which setting is currently active. Write in the commets if these steps helped you!

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Throne Rush is an epic strategy game which allows players to rule their own kingdoms and bring them to prosperity while destroying enemies and capturing their wealth.

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