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GET WAR AND SUPPLY CHESTS FOR FREE! Attention: the chest expires in 24 hours


OUR VOYAGE BEGINS TODAY! Rules:- Destroy forts of different levels in the Island Rush.- The fort difficulty increases as you venture further into the Archipelago.- You'll be able to choose squads for each fort. The squad level corresponds to the fort level.- Relics, artifacts, and some decorations are disabled for the Island Rush.- Share your successful completion of forts in the Brotherhood's chat.- The Island Rush lasts 6 days.Supplies:- You need supplies to battle in the Island Rush.- 30 supplies are consumed in a battle.- Squads with the following battle abilities can be recruited in the Island Rush: Harpies, Pirates, and Rhinos.- Supplies are replenished once every 24 hours, at UTC 00:00.- You can also claim free supplies in the Store once every 24 hours.- The supplies are only consumed when you confirm the battle results. Try out different squads and strategies to achieve the best results!- If you destroy 100% of the fort, the battle is confirmed automatically, consuming the supplies. You cannot retract the results.Using additional troops, spells, and heroes:- Only two squads will be available for battle at the start of your journey.- Doubloons are a special currency required to unlock space for new squads in the army.- Spend gold doubloons to unlock new slots for heroes and spells.- The size of your army doesn't affect the battle cost.- Battle cost is increased by 5 if you use special squads, heroes, and spells.Archipelago Tournament:- You can participate in the Archipelago Tournament.- Make sure you join a Brotherhood to earn Trophies.- Brotherhood rating is the total number of Trophies earned by all Brotherhood members.- Players who earn more than 40 Trophies receive a tournament reward.- If a player leaves the Brotherhood, all Trophies earned by them are deleted and substracted from the Brotherhood rating.- The reward multiplier increases the number of Black Pearls obtained. The multiplier is increased when you earn Trophies.- Exchange pearls for chests at the Store.⬅?


GET WAR AND SUPPLY CHESTS FOR FREE! Attention: the chest expires in 24 hours


November is the time to be thankful, a time to remember and to embrace those who enrich our lives.Our team is thankful for a lot of things, but we are most thankful for You, our Players!And, of course, a thankful present:


GET WAR AND SUPPLY CHESTS FOR FREE! Attention: the chest expires in 24 hours


GET WAR AND SUPPLY CHESTS FOR FREE! Attention: the chest expires in 24 hours


Peek-a-boo...The most mystical holiday of the year is knocking at your door...What is prepared for you? This Mysterious Chest » What do you celebrate Halloween? Share your scary stories or send photos of Halloween pumpkins in the comments


Brave warlords!The Voodoo festival has begun in Throne Rush >> Now you can set up the Phoenix Lair in your town! Visit it to get valuable gifts: an army of mystical warriors, dark sorcery, unique relicts, and decors! You'll need Voodoo dolls to upgrade the Phoenix Lair. These resources can be looted on the Arena or found in daily presents. The most impatient warlords can use help of mysterious Orisha and purchase Voodoo dolls from her collection. You also have a chance to upgrade the Phoenix Lair to +5 levels at once! Increase this chance with Elixirs of Phoenix, which can be earned in Wraith Portal.Please note: you also have a chance to upgrade the Phoenix Lair to +10 levels at once without using Elixirs of Phoenix. Prepare your army for the Phoenix Rush Tournament! The position in the Tournament rank depends on your Phoenix Lair level. The higher your rank is, the more valuable rewards you get!


Brave warlords!Together with the development team, we solemnly announce that a holiday has come to the Adergran lands. Throne Rush turns 7 today!Over the years, we have fought millions of battles, rejoiced in victories together with the teammates in the brotherhood, and accepted defeat with fortitude, gold was flowing, and the builders worked round the clock!We sincerely thank you for continuing to be a part of the huge and exciting world of Throne Rush! Join the celebration!Do not forget to go into the game and open the game letter - there will be a surprise waiting for you!


That was awesome!Thanks for your great activity!Here are the main stats of the Island Rush!Waiting for more?


Island Rush is well under way!We've got some statistics for you today:GG☼R EAGLES is the first one to complete the last island first.Enzo completed all the battles with 3 stars.† AK-47 †>:v is the most intelligent player who spent the least supplies to complete all the islands. Well done pathfinders! Reward already awaits you in your castle!


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