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Township Game Tips & Tricks (Playrix)

Learn Township top tips & tricks to get higher levels & achievements. We also added the item database for township so you can plan ahead before you use them.

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Welcome Township Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Hey Townshippers! What is your favorite winter activity? ⛄ Tell us in the comments below :)

Likes: 1,220 Shares: 21 Posted:


Weekend is near! How are you guys going to spend it? Share your plans in the comments! 😊

Likes: 2,387 Shares: 43 Posted:


What do you guys think of the Christmas update? 🎅 Comment below to let us know!

Likes: 4,400 Shares: 75 Posted:


It’s time to announce our AsTOWNishing Quiz results! 🏆 🎉Congratulations to the WINNERS - Séverine Capron, Zaisha Bodi, Sonia Latore, Nicola Duncombe, Diego Tortolo, Meixuan Zhuo and Tatiana Berenguer Belda who will receive 100 T-cash each! We'll contact you guys via a personal message here on Facebook. Stay tuned! The correct answers are: 1. Lollipop 2. Ernie 3. Global Goal must be reached 4. Level 19 5. With the help of the Popular Passion booster 6. Olivia island 7. 20 minutes 8. Once a week 9. Snack Factory 10. Two apiaries Thanks everyone for participating!

Likes: 2,321 Shares: 36 Posted:


GREAT NEWS: the new update is out! ⛄ Get it now to celebrate Christmas with Township: THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS COMING! * Presents for Everyone special event starts shortly before Christmas: deliver gifts to all the kids in town! * Temporary holiday goods at factories: gingerbread men, Christmas pudding, and hats with scarves * Santa’s helper around to order helicopter deliveries * 16 holiday-themed decorations at the Store * The holiday spirit spreading around town: the townspeople put on their winter outfits and decorated their houses NEW IN TOWN * Profile picture collection at the Town Hall: choose an in-game character to represent you * “See the Light” booster at the Lab: make ore and artifacts visible even in dark tiles at the mine * New upgradable decoration: build a snowman that will never melt! * 4 expansions * 4 flag decorations: Costa Rica, Chile, Lebanon, and Nigeria * More pedestrians walking their pets NEW AT THE ZOO * New enclosure: snow monkeys * New funny sketches and new pathways * 2 expansions * New decoration at the Store NOTE for Android users: with the new update we're discontinuing support for devices running anything earlier than Android 4.0.0. Please update your software to the latest available version to ensure that we can help you with any problems you have. Enjoy the holiday season with Township!

Likes: 5,869 Shares: 230 Posted:


Sneak Peek #3: Get ready to meet the newest feature - Profile Picture Collection! 😱 Hit LIKE if you’re excited! 😉

Likes: 13,311 Shares: 215 Posted:


Sneak Peek #2: Holiday decorations and winter theme are on their way to your town! 🎄⛄

Likes: 13,483 Shares: 386 Posted:


It’s SNEAK PEEKS time! 🎉 Check out these adorable snow monkeys coming to your Zoo with the new update! 🐵

Likes: 9,722 Shares: 199 Posted:


We’re announcing AsTOWNishing Quiz! 📢 Post the right answers to the questions below and get a chance to win! We’ll randomly choose SEVEN winners who will receive 100 T-cash each. 1. What product is made with the following ingredients: 2 strawberries + 1 syrup + 2 pine trees? 2. Who’s a mutual friend of all Townshippers? 3. What should be accomplished for all players to receive 10 T-cash after an event ends? 4. What level is the Co-op building unlocked at? 5. How can you double the amount of Popularity Points earned in the Zoo? 6. What island are grapes delivered from? 7. How long does it take for a sugar cane to grow? 8. How often are regattas held? 9. What factory is granola produced at? 10. How many apiaries can be built in one town? Good luck! 🍀

Likes: 5,555 Shares: 111 Posted:


Township scientists think about inventing new useful boosters. Help them by sharing your ideas in the comments! :)

Likes: 5,402 Shares: 107 Posted:


Hey Townshippers! We love it how you always share with us your brilliant suggestions on improving the game! ❤ However, due to various reasons there’s a number of features that we cannot implement. Make sure to check them out here:

Likes: 4,847 Shares: 104 Posted:


Let’s prove Townshippers are the most creative players! 🎨 Share your awesome Township fan art in the comments below or post it on Facebook and tag Township Mobile in the photo 😊

Likes: 3,830 Shares: 67 Posted:


Winter is almost here! 😱 LIKE this post if you’re ready to meet it ⛄

Likes: 9,182 Shares: 202 Posted:


Thank you everyone for participating in our True or False contest! ❤ The lucky WINNERS are Donna Martindale, Rene Olson, Toni Leach, Lacey Green and Danzel Terral Jones who will receive 100 T-cash each! P.S. We'll get in touch with you guys via a personal message here on Facebook. Stay tuned!

Likes: 3,322 Shares: 34 Posted:


Hey Townshippers! We’re challenging you to show us how your Monday is going! 😃 Take pics and post them in the comments below. Let us see what Townshippers' Mondays are like 😉

Likes: 4,382 Shares: 93 Posted:


Hey guys! Want to win some T-cash and test your knowledge of Township? :) Mark the statements below TRUE or FALSE and post your answers in the comments! We’ll randomly choose FIVE winners, each of whom will receive 100 T-cash! 1. Bananas are purchased with T-cash on Tropica Isle. 2. There are 6 golden balloons available to collect daily. 3. Thank you letters from friends are sent to the Town Hall. 4. You can buy up to 4 ships for your Port. 5. Events start the same day the new update is released. 6. The Foundry only produces one ingot at a time. 7. The first animal for each Zoo enclosure is delivered to your Zoo for free. 8. It is possible to work on several regatta tasks at a time. 9. There’s a booster that can double your harvest. 10. Ernie often helps his friends loading trains and planes. P.S. We’ll post the right answers on Tuesday, along with the names of the winners.

Likes: 8,139 Shares: 318 Posted:


Do you guys want to make new friends in Township? Post your invitation code in the comments below or add each other on Facebook! SHIP is for friendship! ☺

Likes: 5,998 Shares: 280 Posted:


Ever wondered how Township updates are made? Hit LIKE to find out! If this post gets over 10k likes, we'll shed light on the process 😉

Likes: 11,871 Shares: 170 Posted:


Happy Thanksgiving from the Township Team! Have a joyous time with your family and friends 💖

Likes: 6,382 Shares: 138 Posted:


Thanksgiving is the time to get together for a lavish feast 🍲 Take pics of your culinary masterpieces and show them to us in the comments below! 😍

Likes: 5,140 Shares: 122 Posted:


Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Our Team wants to thank you guys for all the support and devotion to Township ❤ What are you thankful for this year? Comment and tell us below ;)

Likes: 5,201 Shares: 108 Posted:


Which do you guys prefer: sea racing or event celebrating? Hit LIKE for Regatta, SHARE for Event! ⚡

Likes: 9,608 Shares: 1,072 Posted:


How far are you guys in the Harvest Season event? Let us know in the comments down below! :)

Likes: 5,676 Shares: 106 Posted:


Hey Townshippers! Check out these HANDY TIPS on the Golden League penalty: - Only the tasks dumped from the regatta board count in the penalty - There’s no penalty for the personal tasks that you dump - The penalty is the number of dumped tasks divided by the number of members who participated in a race Good luck! ⛵

Likes: 5,120 Shares: 158 Posted:


Hey guys, post your Zoo level in the comments below! :) Let's see who has the most animal-friendly town 🐨

Likes: 5,311 Shares: 114 Posted:


YAY! The HARVEST SEASON EVENT has started! 🎉 Fill townspeople's orders to get the tools you need to clear away hay bales in your barn. Find crates under the hay and pack them with goods. Reach personal goals to earn the coolest new prizes we’ve prepared for you! 😉

Likes: 9,507 Shares: 280 Posted:


Hey Townshippers! 👋 What do you think is the best upgradable decoration? Share your opinion in the comments below! 😊

Likes: 5,281 Shares: 103 Posted:


Thank you all for participating in our latest Township Trivia! The correct answer is 249 cups! Congrats to the WINNERS - Britt R. Daniels, Marty Blaney Hollar, Sami N Lisa To'a, Натали Билютина and Scott Buckley who will receive 250 T-cash each! P.S. We'll soon contact you guys via a personal message here on Facebook. Stay tuned!

Likes: 5,665 Shares: 84 Posted:


Hey fans! Would you guys like to see a movie about Township? What would it be about? 🎬 Go ahead and share your ideas in the comments! 😉

Likes: 7,003 Shares: 194 Posted:


TOWNSHIP TRIVIA! Can you count how many cups are there in the picture? Answer in the comments below. We will choose FIVE winners from all correct answers and each winner will receive 250 T-cash!

Likes: 10,370 Shares: 389 Posted:


For plenty of useful Township tips and info, check out TOWNSHIP WIKI - courtesy of our awesome fans:

Likes: 7,260 Shares: 146 Posted:


We wonder what your weekend plans are (besides playing Township 😉). Let us know in the comments!

Likes: 6,059 Shares: 108 Posted:


Want to set your photo as a profile picture in Township? Connect the game to your Facebook (Google +) account and your avatar will automatically appear in the game. NOTE: it might take some time for changes to sync with our servers.

Likes: 5,133 Shares: 101 Posted:


Let’s get creative! Print the picture, connect the dots by numbers and reveal the plot ;) Post your pics in the comments! 💐

Likes: 4,456 Shares: 111 Posted:


It’s TURKEY TROT TUESDAY! Like this post and share your photos in the comments if you participate! 📷

Likes: 7,523 Shares: 297 Posted:


Hey Townshippers! Great news: you now get MORE rewards for participating in the regattas! ⛵ Be sure to check it out yourself! ;)

Likes: 10,449 Shares: 321 Posted:


It's Book Lovers Day! We bet you guys have some cool book suggestions :) Let’s share them in the comments below!

Likes: 6,540 Shares: 140 Posted:


How do you guys like the new update? Let us know in the comments! :)

Likes: 8,463 Shares: 139 Posted:


That moment when Robin the hermit orders 5 perfumes 😄 Have you ever had funny situations in Township? Share your asTOWNishing stories in the comments!

Likes: 5,826 Shares: 97 Posted:


YAY! The newest update is out! 🎉 Get it now: HARVEST SEASON EVENT * Time to stock up on harvested goods for the winter in the new special event! Clearing away hay bales in your barns reveals hidden crates you need to fill with goods. * Enjoy an all-new event feature: get more prizes for reaching personal goals. * Harvest cranberries during the event to produce cranberry sauce, cakes, and cookies at your factories. * Check out the 9 themed decorations at the Store. Be there to celebrate! The special event starts at the end of the month. NEW RESOURCE: CLAY * Meet your good buddy Jack at the mine and go discover clay deposits! * Build a Kitchenware Factory to produce culinary and eating utensils for the townspeople. * Manufacture clay products at other factories: modeling clay and porcelain dolls. ALSO FEATURING: * Crates in the Regatta Rewards tab now contain more prizes! * Co-op leaders now able to send messages to all members of their co-ops at once * New upgradable decoration: Spaceport! * New enclosure: black crowned cranes * 4 new expansions in town and 2 at the Zoo * New decorations at the Zoo and town stores And many more improvements!

Likes: 6,349 Shares: 151 Posted:


Sneak Peek #3: A brand new KITCHENWARE factory! Like if you can’t wait to try it! 😄

Likes: 16,327 Shares: 306 Posted:


Sneak Peek #2: New in the Mine - CLAY! Any ideas on what it’s used for? 😉

Likes: 12,968 Shares: 229 Posted:


Sneak Peek #1: The coolest upgradable decoration is on its way! Excited? Hit LIKE then! 😃

Likes: 22,733 Shares: 456 Posted:


Our Team wishes you guys a wicked Halloween! 🎃

Likes: 9,498 Shares: 165 Posted:


Halloween is almost here! Are you guys ready for the FRIGHT NIGHT? 👻

Likes: 6,788 Shares: 98 Posted:


Hey Townshippers! Who would you be this Halloween? Take a pic in your stunning costume and show it to us in the comments! :)

Likes: 5,496 Shares: 63 Posted:


The Halloween Event is in full play! 🎃 How is it going for you guys? Let us know in the comments! 😊

Likes: 5,284 Shares: 83 Posted:


Got some helpful advice on earning more T-cash in less time? Share your tips with other Townshippers in the comments below!

Likes: 6,146 Shares: 179 Posted:


Here come the SPOOKtacular TOWN contest results! 👻 We've surfed through all your freakishly awesome screenshots and chosen the winners: Cynthia Dawn Williams, Joanna Suchorzewski, Lisa Cantrell Singleton, Tong Thuy and Miklos Dunn who will each receive 100 T-cash! P.S. We'll soon get in touch with you guys via a personal message here on FB. Stay tuned!

Likes: 3,670 Shares: 44 Posted:


The Spooky Castle Event has begun! Filling monsters' orders lures them into the castle and makes it even spookier. Score as many evil points as you can to earn valuable prizes! 🎃

Likes: 5,990 Shares: 201 Posted:


We're announcing the SPOOKtacular TOWN contest! Are you set for Halloween? Share a screenshot of your decorated town in the comments below! The best ones will receive 100 T-cash as a Halloween treat ;)

Likes: 7,665 Shares: 470 Posted:


Hey Townshippers! What characters would you like to see in the game? Share your awesome ideas in the comments below :)

Likes: 5,179 Shares: 116 Posted:


YAY! Saturday is finally here! How’s it going for you guys? Leave a comment here to let us know ;)

Likes: 5,199 Shares: 96 Posted:


That’s what everyone’s favorite Emma the Witch looked like in the early sketches. How do you like them? :)

Likes: 6,256 Shares: 91 Posted:


Hey guys! Do you play Township with your family? LIKE this post if you do! ;)

Likes: 9,942 Shares: 184 Posted:


Have you guys noticed? Our HELP & SUPPORT section has been renewed! Make sure to check it out yourself ;)

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Thank you all for participating in our latest Township Trivia! The correct answer is 209 pumpkin pies! Congrats to the WINNERS - Sadiez Echols, Eliezer Colon, Леночка Шелепова, Steven Standard and Ron Pilger who will receive 250 T-cash each! P.S. We'll soon contact you guys via a personal message here on Facebook. Stay tuned!

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Did you know that Township is most actively played in China, USA, Russia, UK and Japan? Give YOUR COUNTRY a shout out in the comment below!

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TOWNSHIP TRIVIA! Can you count how many pumpkin pies are there in the picture? Answer in the comments below. We will choose FIVE winners from all correct answers and each winner will receive 250 T-cash!

Likes: 8,041 Shares: 203 Posted:


Isn’t it fun to watch your town’s life? We bet you have spotted some curious townspeople sketches! Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below :)

Likes: 6,280 Shares: 114 Posted:


BREAKING NEWS: Now you don't need as many popularity points to level up your Zoos. New enclosures, buildings, and decorations are unlocked sooner! LIKE this post if you're excited ;)

Likes: 11,815 Shares: 196 Posted:


Mastering difficulties and coming out a winner is so much fun, right? :) Tell us about your biggest Township achievement in the comments below!

Likes: 5,768 Shares: 87 Posted:


We can’t wait to receive your feedback on the latest update! Share your impressions with us in the comments below :)

Likes: 6,795 Shares: 161 Posted:


Hey guys! We are ready to share with you the Curator’s INTERVIEW. Wonder what intriguing facts has the Curator revealed? ;) Check out the interview on our forum:

Likes: 6,460 Shares: 115 Posted:


A Halloween update is coming to Township! Get it now: SPOOKY CASTLE * A freakishly fun Halloween event: fill your castle with monsters to make it spookier and earn prizes! * Pumpkins you can harvest to produce temporary festive goods at your factories throughout the holiday week * 10 terribly beautiful themed decorations unlocked at the Store during the event * Decorated town buildings as well as witches and magicians roaming the streets to get you feeling the holiday spirit NEW IN THE TOWN * New regatta bonus: get more points if all your co-op members take part in the race! * Leaders in the Golden League regatta now competing for the Golden Sail trophy! * New upgradable decoration: assemble the animated Land of the Dinosaurs! * New characters: Lennon the photographer and Sarnai the floral designer * Third foundry available for construction! * 2 new expansions * New decorations at the Store NEW IN THE ZOO * Faster Zoo growth: now you don't need as many popularity points to level up! * New Zoo enclosure for martens * New decorations at the Store * 2 new expansions We hope you enjoy the new update. Best wishes from the Township team!

Likes: 13,325 Shares: 269 Posted:


Is your town often LIKED by other players? Check out our LIKEABILITY SCALE to see how popular your town is :) * 15 - 50 likes - Cute & Cozy town * 50 - 150 likes - Original & Outstanding town * 150 - 350 likes - Exemplary and Exquisite town * 350 - 550 - Top Thriving Megapolis * 550 - 1000+ - DAZZLING DREAM TOWN!

Likes: 7,909 Shares: 167 Posted:


Ever wondered how Leaders and Co-Leaders can change a co-op member’s status? Here’s a helpful tip: to change a player’s status, open your co-op's members list, tap a player you want to promote/demote, tap the CHANGE STATUS button that pops up to the left, choose the status and tap SAVE.

Likes: 5,917 Shares: 158 Posted:


Our reasons to love fall are: warm apple cider, golden trees, cozy Township playing on a rainy day... ;) What are yours? Shout them out in the comments below!

Likes: 6,687 Shares: 158 Posted:


Got some vacant spots in your co-op and looking for more active members? Post the name of your co-op in the comments below to find new teammates and friends! Team work rules! :)

Likes: 7,999 Shares: 263 Posted:


Sneak Peek #3: Halloween is coming! Are you guys ready for a freakishly fun celebration? SHARE this post if you are ;)

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Sneak Peek #2: The newest upgradable decoration! Want to collect all the dinosaurs? LIKE this post if you do!

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Sneak Peek #1: Freakishly awesome Halloween decorations :) Hit LIKE for more!

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Looking for the INSTAnt supply of fun and creative Township themed pics? ;) Make sure to follow us on Instagram then:

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How do you play Township this autumn? LIKE if you prefer cozy home playing, SHARE if you are for playing Township outdoors! Let’s see who wins ;)

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ASK THE CURATOR: Have you ever been wondering what the museum curator’s morning routine is like? 😄 What is his name? Where is he originally from? Now there's no need to guess! 😱 Go ahead and ask him ANYTHING in the comments below!

Likes: 7,364 Shares: 147 Posted:


Thank you all for participating in our latest Township Trivia! The correct answer is 251 emeralds! Congrats to the WINNERS - Filipe Oliveira, Cynthia Brown, Aneke D Roux, Brenda Gaspar Cruz and Joshua DaKing Tutt who will receive 250 T-cash each! P.S. We'll soon get in touch with you guys via a personal message here on FB. Stay tuned!

Likes: 6,963 Shares: 125 Posted:


The Good Neighbor Day CHALLENGE: Visit as many Townshippers as you can today and give their towns a LIKE! 😄 Don’t forget to let us know how many likes you have given! 👍

Likes: 8,823 Shares: 199 Posted:


TOWNSHIP TRIVIA! How many emeralds are there in the picture? Post your answer in the comments. We will choose FIVE winners from all correct answers and each winner will receive 250 T-cash!

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Who said Mondays were no fun? Let's get this week started right, shall we? ;) LIKE if you’re up to something mesmerizing today!

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Hey Townshippers! 🐵 Here's a great Sunday tip for you: You can start the breeding process once you have two of the same kind of animal. To do so, go to the Nursery in the Zoo. Tap the incubator to see a list of the animals available for breeding. Choose an animal and then tap the button at the bottom right to start the process. Once the baby animal is born, tap the nanny in the Nursery to pick it up 🐒 It will appear in the enclosure next to its parents.

Likes: 6,237 Shares: 114 Posted:


Let's get creative this Saturday ✨ How about some papercraft? Print, cut and fold your very own Township cow 🐮 Show us what you've got in the comments below!

Likes: 5,675 Shares: 125 Posted:


FLOWER FRIDAY: What flowers do you like? Let us know in the comments below 🌸 Don’t forget to share a screenshot of your flourishing town with us! 🌹

Likes: 5,389 Shares: 138 Posted:


World Rhino Day: Do you guys know any fun facts about rhinos? We bet you do! Post them in the comments below ;)

Likes: 4,578 Shares: 87 Posted:


ADD ME! Post your Game Center user name/invitation code, or ask to be added on Facebook in the comments below to make new friends! More friends - more fun!

Likes: 5,679 Shares: 201 Posted:


Township just turned 3 🎉 We want to thank you for all the support and devotion you guys have given us over these years! We love you, Townshippers! ❤

Likes: 7,650 Shares: 196 Posted:


TOWNSHIP TIME CAPSULE: Don't miss your chance to write a message to the future game! We'll choose the best ones and post them in a year from now ☺

Likes: 4,550 Shares: 95 Posted:


How about showing us your ZOO? Take a screenshot and post it in the comments below ;)

Likes: 5,954 Shares: 213 Posted:


Townshippers! Show us your town ;) We're sure it's absolutely awesome!

Likes: 5,505 Shares: 125 Posted:


The Spot the Differences contest is now LIVE on our forum! Follow the link to have a chance to WIN 250 Township cash:

Likes: 4,870 Shares: 107 Posted:


The Town Day Event is now ON! 🎉 Fill townsperson orders to earn balloons, and then assemble inflatable decorative figures using them to get smile points. Collect as many points as you can before time runs out to win valuable prizes 🎈

Likes: 5,084 Shares: 114 Posted:


TOWNSHIP SELFIE: Take a photo of you playing Township and post it in the comments below 😄

Likes: 4,340 Shares: 106 Posted:


Can you guys pick your favorite classic car from the game collection?

Likes: 5,043 Shares: 129 Posted:


Hey Townshippers! Nothing’s better than real postcards, right? Send yours to us! 😍

Likes: 10,633 Shares: 814 Posted:


How many goods have you guys shared with your friends so far? Let us know in the comments down below ;)

Likes: 6,981 Shares: 221 Posted:


We'd love to hear some FEEDBACK from you guys! Share your thoughts with us here in the comments or on our forum:

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Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming experience for your iPhone or iPad!

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