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Township Game Tips & Tricks (Playrix)

Learn Township top tips & tricks to get higher levels & achievements. We also added the item database for township so you can plan ahead before you use them.

  • Posted by mia21
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Collect your current order first

Please help me on this one- Collect your current order first? In the foundry when I try to make ignotS it says so. What is the current order or how do I get

  • Posted by DilipKujur
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Looking for new co-op members

Looking for new members to round out our active co-op. Co-op name “Freespirits!” We are friendly, chatty and active in regatta each week. English speaking,

  • Posted by MeredithWendell
  • 214

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Welcome Township Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by AngelMiller
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by YeshnaYesh
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*FREE Coins* Township Hack Cheats For Android & IOS

  • Started by: CharlesCharlesM
  • Last Post by 173940365280664
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Township Unlimited Coins And Cash Here’s

  • Started by: CharlesCharlesM
  • Last Post by ConnieFrank
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In Need Of Co Op Members (UK Only)

  • Started by: BiancaPayne
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The summer is in its prime 🌞 - and here’s the CONTEST just on time! Count all BUTTERFLIES in the video to become one of the five random winners and receive 200 T-cash next week! 🦋 Best of luck, guys!

Likes: 670 Shares: 29 Posted:


⚡BUSY TRADE⚡cuts Raja’s time in half - he’ll wake up every thirty minutes instead of one hour. Have you already given this booster a try, guys? 🔽

Likes: 784 Shares: 52 Posted:


The Dragon Boat Festival is a colorful event celebrated in China and around the world every year. 🐲 Check out our townspeople racing each other in dragon-headed boats! How thrilling is that, guys? 🔽

Likes: 1,278 Shares: 88 Posted:


⛵ Sailors, we've changed the rules of awarding our REGATTA PRIZES! From now on players need to complete at least one task in order to get prizes from the chests and rewards given for their co-op's position in the regatta. Isn't it useful, guys? 🔽

Likes: 2,214 Shares: 197 Posted:


Kick off the SNOWBOARDING CHALLENGE with our take on a VIDEO STREAMING CONTEST: 🔵 Make a video of you taking part in the current event; 🔵 Upload it on your YouTube channel; 🔵 Attach the link below. 10 random WINNERS will receive 200 T-CASH each in a week! Let’s make it a blast! 🤪🔽

Likes: 1,611 Shares: 117 Posted:


The Snowboarding Challenge is a day away! How cool are these EVENT DECORATIONS, guys? 😍🔽

Likes: 1,252 Shares: 90 Posted:


Great news! From now on you can skip tutorials to hop into our #asTOWNishing in-game events right away! 😀 How cool is that, guys? 🔽

Likes: 2,372 Shares: 269 Posted:


Seize the chance to become one of the FIVE LUCKIES and WIN 250 T-CASH with the MAGICAL TRIVIA! 🧞‍♂️ Count all the OIL LAMPS that Raja has in stock. Good luck, guys! 😉 [CONTEST IS CLOSED]

Likes: 11,745 Shares: 1,047 Posted:


📣Сheck out the new CO-OP SETTINGS: ☑️ You can now reserve one task at a time and have twelve hours to start it - otherwise it'll be automatically canceled; ☑️ Any reserved task can be deleted by leaders, co-leaders, and elders or reserved by another player with enough authority. Isn’t it handy, guys? 🔽

Likes: 2,761 Shares: 360 Posted:


Follow these steps to receive a response from our Support Team: 1️⃣ ️Go to Settings - Tap Help and Support; 2⃣ Go to your request section; 3⃣ Tap No next to "Was this helpful?" if you can’t find the needed information - Tap Contact Us; 4⃣ Choose your request category - Type your request in the new window - Tap Send; 5⃣ You’ll first receive an automatic response. Tap No in case it's not helpful, after which your request will be sent to our Support Team. We can't wait to hear from you, guys! 😊

Likes: 1,879 Shares: 166 Posted:


🐟 Are you up for #asTOWNishing underwater adventures this summer? Check out FISHDOM, another INCREDIBLE Playrix game available to all iOS and Android users: 😍😉

Likes: 800 Shares: 27 Posted:


GREAT BARN NEWS! 🔷 All the materials are now divided between specialized tabs; 🔷 Go to the tab marked with palm trees to find island goods. How useful is that, guys? 🔽

Likes: 5,217 Shares: 734 Posted:


Hop into the NEW UPDATE for our iOS and Android users: 🎉🎈 Enjoy great events, amazing decor, exciting changes in Regatta and new town expansions! 😍 Shoot us your feedback, guys! 🔽

Likes: 5,892 Shares: 497 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #3: Two awesome EVENTS are on their way! How thrilled are you, guys? 😋🔽

Likes: 3,953 Shares: 706 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #2: Get ready for MORE FREE SPACE in your town to add all the decor you’ve ever wanted! Isn’t it exciting, guys? 🤗🔽

Likes: 14,089 Shares: 3,832 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #1: New TOWN SIGN is just around the corner! How awesome is that? 😍🔽

Likes: 12,139 Shares: 2,287 Posted:


Play “Customize-it” game with your Co-op badges! 😁 🔵 Go to the Co-op Building - tap "Edit" - tap "Edit" under the badge - choose its form and symbol or change its background color and pattern In the new window. 🔵 Tap the arrow above the badge in the edit window to go to flag edit mode to set your country’s flag as your Co-op’s badge. 🔵 Finish in the top three in the Regatta to earn a badge frame in the colors of your Co-op's new league. 🔵 Complete special Co-op tasks to unlock new badge forms and symbols. Show off YOUR badges, guys! 😉🔽

Likes: 2,775 Shares: 387 Posted:


Use one of these: ❤😮😄 to vote for your fave UPGRADABLE DECOR in the game! Don’t forget to attach a screenshot of how it looks in YOUR town!

Likes: 749 Shares: 54 Posted:


We’re all still kids at heart, aren’t we?🤸‍♀️ Celebrate CHILDREN’S DAY by showing off your or your kids’ drawings of summer in #Township! 😍🔽

Likes: 3,279 Shares: 508 Posted:


Are you new to the game, or do you already know it like the back of your hand? 😁

Likes: 782 Shares: 28 Posted:


Do you guys have any QUESTIONS for Township's Senior Project Manager? Shoot them below! The coolest ones will be featured in the UPCOMING INTERVIEW! 😉

Likes: 2,407 Shares: 156 Posted:


Yachtsmen, hoist the sails and set out on a new adventure in an ENCHANTING OASIS! 😍🕌 New themed decor and exciting seasonal tasks await! Isn't that thrilling? 🔽😎

Likes: 4,034 Shares: 743 Posted:


Monday is better when there’s a CONTEST planned for it! 😁 Look at the rows of goods and tell us the name of 3 IN-GAME PRODUCTS made from them. 5 randomly chosen luckies will receive 150 T-cash soon! Good luck, guys! 🙌😉 [CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]

Likes: 27,042 Shares: 2,773 Posted:


Hey, Townshippers! What are your thoughts on Sport Fishing? How many great catches have you made so far? 😄🔽

Likes: 1,040 Shares: 30 Posted:


SALE ALERT! Get the lures for the Sport Fishing Event at a great discount! 🤗 The offer stands for a limited time only, guys! 🕑

Likes: 1,340 Shares: 72 Posted:


Woohoo, SPORT FISHING is LIVE! 🎉 🐟 Make lures at the temporary workshop to have big catches and get awesome prizes; 🐠 Outcatch your neighbors to win even better rewards! Have you already plunged into the Event, guys? 🐬🔽

Likes: 2,699 Shares: 381 Posted:


Hey, guys! What’s your position on the hypothetical TOWNSHIP PROGRESS MAP? 🤔 Tell us about your game and zoo levels, your league and some in-game achievements to be proud of! 🔽☺️

Likes: 1,020 Shares: 46 Posted:


Hey, Townshippers!😁 Check out this TERRIFIC INTERVIEW with our LOCALIZATION TEAM to find out the answers to some of YOUR previously asked questions!😲 How awesome is that, guys?❤

Likes: 1,029 Shares: 98 Posted:


The Ancient Legends season is one for the books! Thumbs up to the incredible WINNERS! Did you guys have fun? 🔽

Likes: 2,814 Shares: 421 Posted:


IMPORTANT NEWS, sailors! We’ve changed the rules of INTERSEASONAL REGATTAS: ⛵ Take part in them at any time without confirming your participation in the settings; ⛵ Complete tasks and get rewards at the end of the regatta without competing with other co-ops; ⛵ Play with your co-op members to get additional rewards for completing co-op goals; How do you like these changes, guys? 🔽

Likes: 3,635 Shares: 515 Posted:


Have a look at the newest REGATTA TUTORIAL to place among the top racing finalists! 🔵 The Leaderboard is updated after the first week of each season; 🔵 Each co-op in the Golden League can place among the Top 200; 🔵 The points earned in the best 2 races in a season determine your place; 🔵 To calculate your co-op's score, take into account each racer’s average score, the co-op’s position in the regatta, the number of active racers and the average number of dumped tasks; 🔵 To receive T-cash as an additional reward, finish among the best 20 co-ops worldwide. How useful is that, guys? 🔽

Likes: 1,435 Shares: 195 Posted:


Hey, Townshippers! What are you up to this Saturday? 🔽

Likes: 726 Shares: 17 Posted:


Check out the COOLEST TUTORIAL on increasing your TOWN’S POPULATION! New residents will help you: ✅ Get free fields for growing crops; ✅ Open more expansions; ✅ Build factories and special buildings. What other tricks do you guys use to make your town thrive? 🔽

Likes: 3,123 Shares: 402 Posted:


Did you guys notice that there’s the MAP OF YOUR OWN TOWN at the background of the helicopter pad window? Any other curious in-game things that caught your eye? 🔽

Likes: 1,215 Shares: 53 Posted:


Are you ready for the MIND-BLOWING GIVEAWAY? 🔵 Tell us why you love playing Township; 🔽 🔵 Get the highest number of 👍 for your comment; 🔵 Next week 3 winners will receive amazing prizes - a BRANDED T-SHIRT, 300 T-CASH and 200 T-CASH depending on the number of likes! How cool is that? [CONTEST IS CLOSED! 🎉🎈]

Likes: 5,221 Shares: 904 Posted:


How’s it going with the newest MAC UPDATE, guys? We can’t wait to hear you out! 🔽

Likes: 1,236 Shares: 38 Posted:


Join the NEW ‘SISTER TOWNS’ CONTEST to kick-start this week! Attach two screenshots: 🔷 The first one - of a place in your town resembling another player's town in the comment above yours; 🔷 The second one - of a different place in your town for the next player to participate. 🔷 6 random WINNERS will each receive 200 T-cash shortly! Are you ready to dive right in, guys? 🔽 [CONTEST IS CLOSED]

Likes: 8,446 Shares: 890 Posted:


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! What do you guys plan to make YOUR MOM feel on top of the world today? 🔽

Likes: 1,302 Shares: 106 Posted:


Hey, Townshippers! What’s the first thing you usually do in the game when you get to play it?🔽

Likes: 1,308 Shares: 52 Posted:


Does anyone of you have a sweet tooth, guys? Show off the SCREENSHOTS of your favorite in-game DESSERTS you’d eat in one bite! 🔽

Likes: 926 Shares: 50 Posted:


Are you in the mood for some fortune-telling? Use the 3 last digits of your PHONE NUMBER to determine your next steps in the game! 1️⃣ ️Win 30 stars at Color Splash; 2️⃣ ️Buy a new decor; 3️⃣ ️Help your friend; 4️⃣️ Chat with your co-op members; 5️⃣ ️Load a plane; 6️⃣ ️Sell 4 goods from the barn; 7️⃣ ️Harvest pine trees; 8️⃣ ️Send a gift; 9️⃣ ️Upgrade a factory; 0️⃣ ️Feed the cows. We’re waiting for the SCREENSHOTS of your results!🔽 How fun was that, guys?

Likes: 831 Shares: 38 Posted:


How about TOWNSHIP TRIVIA today? Help little Agnes COUNT all YELLOW BLOCKS! 🔽 5 random WINNERS will soon receive 250 T-CASH each! Have fun, guys! [CONTEST IS CLOSED]

Likes: 8,010 Shares: 726 Posted:


Shoot us your OPINIONS on the Color Splash Event, guys! 🔽 Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Likes: 1,078 Shares: 28 Posted:


AWESOME NEWS! The latest update for our Mac platform users is LIVE! Check out what awaits you: ✈ AERIAL CHALLENGE * Produce experimental airplane fuel to fly the longest distance! * New temporary recipes and 8 themed decorations in the store. 👑 ALSO FEATURING * New co-op badges given for team achievements. * Reach special marks on the XP bar to get valuable rewards. * 2 new lab boosters: get them as event rewards or find them at the Yacht Club! * 2 new museum collections in the mine. How thrilled are you, guys? 🔽

Likes: 963 Shares: 59 Posted:


Check out these tips to make it through the Event with flying colors! 🎨 Fill townspeople’s orders to get the paint; 🎪 Paint colorful blocks at the Workshop; ⭐ Beat levels and collect stars to earn special rewards; 🎠 Create power-ups to complete levels faster; 💥 Launch more rockets to up your game; How handy is that, guys? 🔽

Likes: 983 Shares: 42 Posted:


Don't miss out on this outstanding decor and much more at a GREAT DISCOUNT! The offer is time-limited, so hurry up to make your towns even brighter, guys!

Likes: 1,141 Shares: 47 Posted:


Embark on the brightest COLOR SPLASH EVENT! 🎨 Paint blocks at the Artist’s Workshop to unlock levels and win awesome rewards; 🎈 Pick the power-ups beforehand to complete the goals faster. Are you ready to bring color to your towns, guys? 🔽

Likes: 8,348 Shares: 1,608 Posted:


Brighten up your town with the newest DECOR from the COLOR SPLASH EVENT that kicks off tomorrow! It's absolutely stunning, isn’t it?🔽

Likes: 1,694 Shares: 112 Posted:


Hop into our time machine to take part in the TIME TRAVEL contest! Count all the MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS you saw on this incredible journey. 🔽 5 randomly chosen music gurus will receive 200 T-cash each at the end of the week! Good luck! [CONTEST IS CLOSED]

Likes: 7,543 Shares: 564 Posted:


May is going to be full of events! Check out our calendar to stay in the loop: 🎨 Color Splash Event; ⛵ Interseasonal Regatta; 🐠 Fishing Tournament; 🛥 Seasonal Regatta. What are you excited about the most, guys?

Likes: 6,111 Shares: 733 Posted:


Hey, Townshippers! We can’t wait to find out your feedback on the latest update! 🔽

Likes: 1,733 Shares: 48 Posted:


We’re happy to announce our 'SELFIE WITH ERNIE' winners: Mh Mohammed Jabakhinji, Tara Pilgrim and Valerie D King! Aren’t these photos totally adorable? 🔽 HUGE THANKS for your active participation, guys! We got completely blown away by your LOVELY selfies!

Likes: 1,405 Shares: 25 Posted:


GREAT NEWS! There’s a new billboard opposite the Event Center! Tap it to find out what the upcoming events are. How useful is that, guys? 🔽

Likes: 3,606 Shares: 441 Posted:


Yay, Townshippers! The newest colorful UPDATE for iOS and Android users is LIVE! Install it here: 🎨 COLOR SPLASH EVENT * Play colorful match-3 levels! * Launch Rockets to win the tournament! * Get new profile pictures and decorations! ⛵ NEW INTERSEASONAL REGATTA RULES * Complete chest tasks to earn prizes! * Reach co-op goals to get rewards! * Join interseasonal regattas any time now! 🏛 ALSO FEATURING * Visit Ancient World in a new regatta season! * Stay in the loop with a new in-game event schedule! * Produce goods at a new Music Factory! How COLORtastic is that, guys? 🔽

Likes: 12,603 Shares: 1,240 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #3: Get ready for the amazing in-game Event Calendar in the new update! Awesome, isn’t it? 🔽

Likes: 2,212 Shares: 284 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #2: Interseasonal Regatta changes await! Are you ready, guys? 🔽

Likes: 1,779 Shares: 302 Posted:


Sailors, the Ancient Legends season is underway, which means a new collection of thematic decorations and rewards await you at the Yacht Club! How thrilled are you?

Likes: 6,709 Shares: 489 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #1: The brand new MUSIC FACTORY is just around the corner! How cool is that? 🔽 Stay tuned!

Likes: 16,786 Shares: 2,510 Posted:


How eco-friendly are your towns? As a tribute to Earth Day, show off the screenshots of your fave GREEN DECOR below! 🔽

Likes: 1,159 Shares: 51 Posted:


Our ‘INTERVIEWS WITH PLAYERS’ series continues! Meet GRAYLADY, one of the most experienced Townshippers: Isn’t she simply amazing?🔽 To become our next interviewee apply here:

Likes: 8,118 Shares: 680 Posted:


Turn your scientist mode on and shoot us some LAB BOOSTERS TIPS! 🔽 The best ones will be featured in our tutorials!

Likes: 3,393 Shares: 441 Posted:


ERNIE has decided to pay our team a visit at one of the offices!😊 Would you guys like to meet our hero?😲 Then we’re waiting for your SELFIES below! 🔽 3 random winners will get their photos with Ernie at the end of next week! And don’t forget to check out our official YouTube channel for more amazing videos.😄

Likes: 3,446 Shares: 362 Posted:


Hey, Windows users! What are your thoughts on the latest game update? Your point of view matters! 🔽

Likes: 1,505 Shares: 50 Posted:


Kudos to the ‘Treasure of the Nile’ Regatta season WINNERS! Way to go, guys! More Regatta adventures are ahead!

Likes: 2,350 Shares: 256 Posted:


Are you in the mood for Township Trivia today? COUNT the TOTAL NUMBER of the ‘GLADIATOR’S EQUIPMENT’ museum collection items: helmets, breastplates, maces, shields and gladius swords.🔽 5 luckies chosen randomly will each receive 250 T-CASH shortly. Best of luck, guys! [CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]

Likes: 4,856 Shares: 398 Posted:


YAY! The UPDATE for our WINDOWS platform users is out! Check out what awaits you: 🎠 AMUSEMENT PARK * Win amazing prizes on the ride. * Compete with your neighbors to win more rewards. * Produce temporary goods at your factories. * Enjoy 7 festive decorations. 🤺 MEDIEVAL CHIVALRY * Exchange tokens for custom decorations and special offers at the Yacht Club. * Enjoy new seasonal tasks. 🦉 ALSO FEATURING * 2 new museum collections in the mine. * A snowy owl enclosure and a new Zoo decoration. * Town and Zoo XP counters can now be tapped to show what you get with the next level. * A new animated town sign. Totally awesome, isn’t it? 🔽

Likes: 931 Shares: 52 Posted:


How is it going on board, guys? Tell us your THOUGHTS on the Event so far! 🔽

Likes: 1,194 Shares: 55 Posted:


Use these tips to become the best pilot in our Aerial Challenge: ✅ Collect stars to win prizes; ✅ Make fuel from produced goods; ✅ Upgrade your plane to fly farther; ✅ Choose the optimal takeoff trajectory. What are your other flying tricks, guys?🔽

Likes: 1,247 Shares: 65 Posted:


GREAT NEWS, Townshippers! THE AERIAL CHALLENGE is LIVE! ✈ Compete in a flight tournament; ✈ Produce experimental fuel to fly the longest distance; ✈ Make new temporary recipes and get 8 themed decorations in the store. Are you ready to take off? 🔽

Likes: 4,039 Shares: 732 Posted:


Which life hacks do you guys use for the best Regatta results? The coolest tips will be featured in our next tutorials. How awesome is that?

Likes: 1,119 Shares: 25 Posted:


It’s time to check your game expert level! 1.❌ There are 5 different leagues: Golden, Silver, Steel, Copper and Wooden; 2.❌ Combo tasks consist of 3 smaller ones; 3.✅ You get T-cash every time you complete a collection; 4.✅ There are 180 animals available at the Zoo, black panther included; 5.❌ You can join Regattas starting from level 19; 6.❌ You can buy decor for tokens only at the Yacht Club; 7.✅ The Zoo is available starting from level 40; 8.❌ You can share products in the game with other players; 9.✅ Artifacts can be found in the Mine and in treasure chests in the sea; 10.✅ The more items you sell, the higher your Zoo level is; Who’s nailed all the true and false answers, guys?🔽

Likes: 911 Shares: 38 Posted:


Are the following statements TRUE or FALSE? Let’s find out how Township savvy you are, guys! 🔽 1️⃣ ️There’s the Bronze League in the game. 2️⃣ ️Combo tasks consist of 4 smaller tasks. 3️⃣ ️You receive a reward for completing a museum collection. 4️⃣ ️There’s a Black Panther enclosure in the Zoo. 5️⃣️ You can take part in Regattas starting from level 5. 6️⃣ ️You can buy any kind of decor for tokens. 7️⃣️ The Zoo is available starting from level 40. 8️⃣ ️You can’t share products with other players in the game. 9️⃣ ️Artifacts can be found both in treasure chests in the sea and in the Mine. 🔟 You level up the Zoo by selling items there. Got any doubts? Hop into the game and check yourself!

Likes: 1,136 Shares: 40 Posted:


THE GUESSING GAME 3.0 ALERT! Guess the next event’s theme and the starting date solving the riddle below!🔽 At the end of the week 5 winners chosen randomly will receive 100 T-CASH each! Best of luck, guys! [CONTEST IS CLOSED! Check the results in the comments below!]

Likes: 6,030 Shares: 620 Posted:


How often do your in-game friends make you smile, guys? Capture the hot air balloon gift from your friend and show it off with the #FriendTownShip tag! 🔽

Likes: 795 Shares: 36 Posted:


Try out this healthy in-game Iced Tea recipe! Show off the result below! Use this: 🍵Steeped jasmine tea; 🍹Lime juice; ☕Honey; 🍵Lime slices. Do this: 1️⃣️Fill the quarter of the glass with tea; 2️⃣️Half-fill the glass with cold water; 3️⃣️Squeeze the juice of one lime into the glass; 4️⃣️Throw in some lime slices, honey and ice! It’s ready! Drink good, feel good, everyone!

Likes: 827 Shares: 30 Posted:


Have a look at our latest REGATTA TUTORIAL to stay on track with Regatta Seasons: ✅ Regatta Season starts every 5 weeks; ✅ Seasonal tasks are flagged; ✅ Complete them and earn more tokens than usual; ✅ Spend tokens at any time; ✅ Get thematic prizes at the Yacht Club at the end of the season until the interseasonal regatta ends. ✅ The prizes' amount depends on the tokens' amount and the co-op’s position. Shoot us your own Regatta Seasons tips and stop by our official YouTube channel.

Likes: 2,304 Shares: 254 Posted:


Hey, fellow farmers! What’s your favorite in-game crop to grow?🔽

Likes: 1,391 Shares: 57 Posted:


Are you more of a driven player or a carefree one? What are your IN-GAME GOALS for April: desired town and zoo level, intended league?🔽

Likes: 1,138 Shares: 44 Posted:


GREAT NEWS! Check out the coolest themed decor and share your design tips and screenshots with the fellow players in the new ‘DESIGN DISCUSSIONS’ SUB-FORUM: Awesome, isn’t it?🔽

Likes: 6,259 Shares: 707 Posted:


Hey, guys! Check out these great tips on finding the missing objects and never lose your cool: ✅ To see if the missing object is behind the taller one: tap ‘Edit mode’ - select the transparent building icon - hide buildings; ✅ Open the Store - tap the missing building - it’ll appear in the center of the screen in case it’s still in the game; ✅ Сheck your Storage for the lost decor. Down on your luck? Contact our Support Team! How handy is that, guys?🔽

Likes: 1,157 Shares: 42 Posted:


How did you like our April Fools’ Day COSMIC PRANK? No worries, the astro farms aren’t expected in the near future! Still, lots of fun awaits in April! Be on time for every event: ✈️Aerial Challenge; ⛵Interseasonal Regatta; 🛳️Seasonal Regatta. Are you with us, guys?🔽

Likes: 1,576 Shares: 181 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #3: Did you know that farm animals are considered to be rare interstellar species on other planets? Learn more about COSMIC FARMING on our stellar journey! 3..2..1..LIFTOFF!

Likes: 1,016 Shares: 79 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #2: Produce INTERGALACTIC CROPS and become a pioneer on another planet! How AWESOME is that?

Likes: 873 Shares: 55 Posted:


SNEAK PEEK #1: Ready for the COSMIC UPDATE? We’ll take you to the places far beyond your imagination! Got your spacesuits on?

Likes: 864 Shares: 47 Posted:


EASTER SALE ALERT! T-cash, exclusive decor and much more at a discount! The offer is available for a limited time only. Hurry up, guys! 🕑

Likes: 1,735 Shares: 161 Posted:


Yippee! Here’s another VIDEO TUTORIAL for new Townshippers! For the farm to be profitable, you’ll need to regularly SOW THE FIELDS. We’ll show how to do it! Any other useful tips on your mind? For more practical videos visit our official YouTube channel.

Likes: 3,589 Shares: 442 Posted:


TRIVIA RESULTS are here! The correct answer is 21 BUNNIES! Hip, hip, hurrah to our WINNERS - Teresa Saba Slater, April Tinajero, Hans Beekharry, Christina Sammi Todd and Cinthya Vega! Check your PMs for the prizes. HUGE THANKS to everyone for participating! Keep up the good work, guys!

Likes: 1,922 Shares: 73 Posted:


Check out our exclusive interview with Township’s very own innovator and scientist, Professor Verne! We can’t wait to share his life story, inventions and an undoubtedly sharp wit: How great was that, guys? 🔽

Likes: 3,899 Shares: 542 Posted:


TRIVIA TIME! HOW MANY cute fluffy Easter BUNNIES can you count, guys? 🔽 5 WINNERS chosen randomly will each receive 250 T-CASH. Ready, steady, go!

Likes: 10,359 Shares: 961 Posted:


Tell us your OPINIONS on the Easter Event, guys! Your feedback really matters! 🔽

Likes: 1,612 Shares: 67 Posted:


BREATHTAKING NEWS! From level 11 and on, you’ll get ADDITIONAL REWARDS! Fill up your XP and reach points on the bar to open a chest. It contains useful resources to develop your town. Which rewards have you already received, guys? 🔽

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Are you right in the thick of the EASTER EVENT adventure? Use these tips to achieve EGGcellent results: ✅Clear the Easter Park and get prizes for collecting Easter eggs; ✅Fill townspeople's orders to get Easter cookies; ✅Exchange them for tool chests at the Farm Shop; ✅Give treats to the bunnies to get Easter eggs in return; ✅Compete with your neighbors and collect eggs to earn #asTOWNishing prizes at the end of the tournament; Any other tips you have in mind? Don’t keep quiet! 🔽

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The Easter Event is in full swing! And we’ve prepared an EASTER EGG BOWL CONTEST to top it off! What is the NUMBER of the cup, under which our Easter bunny hid an egg?🔽 5 WINNERS chosen randomly will receive 150 T-CASH each at the end of next week! Good luck, guys! Check out our ‘Township Official’ Youtube channel for more cool videos! CONTEST IS CLOSED! Check the results in the comments to the post, guys!

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Are you ready to participate in the Easter Event starting tomorrow? Take an exclusive look at the EGGceptional decor awaiting you in a wink! How #asTOWNishing is it? 🔽

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