Transformers: Devastation 9 Transformers Devastation Cheats for Intense Gameplay

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Can't get enough playing Transformers Devastation? Get ready, these 9 Cheats will give you more Intense Gameplay!

Transformers Devastation Cheats Pack Includes:

  1. Instant Kill 
  2. Infinite Health 
  3. Infinite Ammo 
  4. Infinite Ultimate Attack 
  5. Infinite Unique Ability 
  6. Infinite Credits 
  7. Infinite Jumps
  8. Control T.E.C.H Bar 
  9. Set your own Stats for STR, CRG, SPD, FRB, SKL, END, INT, RNK

Transformers Devastation Cheat File

All 9 Cheats in one Cheat file. Download here:

Using Transformers Devastation Infinite Health Cheat

If you activate this cheat, you will notice that when you level up and your health increases. This cheat will still work and not let you die but your health wouldn't be full. Don't worry about it you can continue playing. Restart the game and activate the cheat again if you want to see you health in full.

Using Control T.E.C.H Bar Cheat

Go to the cheat table and look for this script then change the value to 0 - 1.

Transformers Devastation Stats Cheat

  • To set your own stats. Go to the Ark, Go to "Status"  and enable this cheat. Under the sub entries of this script you can set the XP value for each attribute. Note that this is XP values needed to level up not the actual Level value.
  • Input your desired XP example "99999999" then under this script enter a value of "1" into "Update", after that you can see that it reset itself to 0.
  • Go back in the game and leave "Status", and then re-enter to see changes. Repeat this to continue leveling up your stats.

About Transformers Devastation Cheat File

These cheats uses cheat engine, it's pretty easy to use once you load the cheat file. New to cheat engine? You can use it without installing the software just download the “No Setup Version Here " Extract the rar file and go to the folder and open Cheat Engine.

How to use Transformers Devastation Cheat File?

  1. Open your Cheat Engine
  2. Load the Cheat File Press [CTRL + O]. Or Click the Open Icon, it's the second Icon with a Tool Tip of "Open a cheat table or unprotected cetrainer" 
  3. Select the file that you have downloaded. Download the cheat file here:
  4. Then open Transformers Devastation Game.
  5. Switch back to Cheat Engine Window Press ALT + TAB 
  6. Click Select a Process - It's the first button with a tool tip of "Select a process to open" then look for Transformers Devastation Process which is TransformersDevastation.exe and Click Open.
  7. Below memory view button is the cheat table you have loaded. Select the cheats that you want to enable (Click the Box beside the Cheat Name).
  8. Go back to Transformers Devastation and try out the cheats you enabled.

T.E.C.H Bar and Stats cheats needs appropriate action to work. Read the instruction above.

smileySo far, this is an awsome hack & slash game even with it's comic graphic. Enjoy the Game!

9 Transformers Devastation Cheats for Intense Gameplay


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