Vegas Downtown Slots Change your bet frequently

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Seems to help me anyway. Also I like to play 1,000,000 bets. Do much better. Won a billion not long ago. Also seems that when you open a new machine if a big win is on the screen at first a big win will occur in a few spins so I bet big for a while.  See what happens if you try these things and let us know.

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Im thankful for the hel9 but please excuse my ignorance. 

How do I apply the cheatl


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I'm a little late to the post here, just found this page - but Sven, this is a great tip and it's worked well for me the last few times! Upped my bet to 300,000 and won over 3 million my 1st bet. Then got 3 yellow bars twice in a row and then the bonus round. Ended up with over 11 million on my 1st couple spins thanks to you! May I F/book friend request you so I can send and receive coins? I don't have any friends in my gift list yet.ThanksCheryl Lee Freeland
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