Vegas Downtown Slots Change your bet frequently

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Seems to help me anyway. Also I like to play 1,000,000 bets. Do much better. Won a billion not long ago. Also seems that when you open a new machine if a big win is on the screen at first a big win will occur in a few spins so I bet big for a while.  See what happens if you try these things and let us know.

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yeas copl big Win
Yes where are 400K & 200K free links? Maybe the app developer put an end to it. I know i used the free to win 160 Mil

Love to play this website.  Interestring games.  Very exciting and challenging.!

Still not exactly sure how to go about things sometimes but I don't see any of the 200,000 or 400,000 bonuses... not sure who to ask

Need chips guys can anybody help 

What happen to 200000 and 400000 bonus.Are they not doing this anymore?


Hello all! Does anyone know what’s happened to the large bonus! Just wondering if anyone else is having any luck collecting. Thanks!

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