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Seems this forum is quite dead and needs to be revived! Lets get the party started and conversate about our must play and NO god stay aways!enlightened


cheekyWhat is your worst slot to play when you are trying to get your coinns up?crying

For me... it is any of the rapid fire games,,, and the trio games.. aka  the lotto ones with super high awards... such as..

Winter Wins

Jackpot Jewels



For you.. how are they? woorthless or great??...... another of my NO STAY AWAY are the few first games.... despicable wold... Jackpot destiny .... and SOMETIMES Wild Howl... Chump change unless waste of coins!

My best are....SO FAR.....heart

reighning diamonds

Crazy clover

Sparkle glitter glesm... and some others. I feel like quite a few higher level games are just a coin grabber

SO what are your WORST... and Favorites?no



REPLY your imput! What works for you?indecision inquiering minds want to know! Im sure I cant be the only one!


I will be highly dissapointed if no one replies. There a quite a few VDW players. 

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I usually do really well on the rapid fire to get my coins up and sometimes the wolf. I haven't tried the ones you mentioned. Im gonna give your recommendations a go, as soon as game Hunters issues the 400,000 and 200,000 bonus! Thanks for the input!

Well it appears that if you have a certain amount of coins in your possession, the 200,000 and 400,000 links are not coming the past 2 days? Any other reason that can explain this?

Well it seems like every one is waiting for the free money but i do like howling wolf and rapid saves can't get in to a few do like other games not sure of the names at the moment well look in to your favourites 

Why I haven’t been able to receive free coins when I have not claimed any? Sometimes I can but most of the time I can’t.

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