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I have been enjoyable playing the Downtown Slots.  I especially enjoy playing against the players that show up on the left hand side and the continual update of my ranking for the contest.  Now, all I have is some kind of word tile thing and it only periodically tells me something to do with my tournament.  How do I get rid of this word game?

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I think you can turn the word game off in your settings, which you access at top right of your screen in the lobby window, the three stacked lines icon. It's just to the right of that hammer icon that you would use to smash open your "piggy bank." There's a"VW" (for Vegas Words) right under the volume setting. Click it and it asks you if you want to turn off popups for the word game. That's on my laptop though. On my phone, it's a little different, but not much. I forget exactly, but basically do the same thing... Go into settings and this time, I think you just click "turn off the word game." Simple! But I'm leaving mine on; the word game is my favorite part!

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