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Hey i’m proboly an idiot but how do u do to earn mony in sweet candy crops

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You need to plant your candy into the empty plots, so click on open plot then click on the type of candy you want to plant. If the planted candy has an (!) Next to it, then you can upgrade it to the next level by clicking on the candy and then clicking on its plot to upgrade it. Your candy earns you money, but your bucket can only hold so much, so you need to empty it so that it can refill itself again... Click on the "collect" button in (mid lower) right side to empty it into your bank. Sometimes it's better to plant higher rated candies and have at a lower level then lower rates candies at a higher level. Look at the amount it's earning you per second... You can play around with them by clicking on the candy to pull up the plot info and choose the "uproot" button, and then plant something else and upgrade it to it's available Max amount to see if it's the best one to use... Keep all available plots filled. The higher up you are on loyalty the more plots you earn, or you can buy more for $10 each, but the Max amount that your bucket is able to hold only increases as you level up in the game. Hope this helps some...

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