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I have figured out that when I'm in a slump it helps most of the time to increase your bid and go for it, and to continue to bump your wager up or down a notch or two every few spins. Be patcient and bols!! But remember sometimes your just simply going to lose BC that's the nature of the beast, after all slots are known as one armed bandits...


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Go Big or go Home

So true, for me I go for all cards for the scratch off tickets. So far this and wizard of oz are my favorite games.

Fun fun





Why is it so hard to move up or get credits in this Willy Wonka Slots Site? People will not keep playing if they never get a few credits to keep them going for a while. That is the same reason I have stopped several games.


I try to just go for it .95% i will hit. 2 or 3 times .Then i git out.You will bild up .But you got to jit out.

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