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Before you can be a Dice Master you got to learn how to play well in Dice with Buddies with these important guides & tips.

Dice with Buddies Tips & Guides

Dice with Buddies Level up Tips

Level up to show off your Dice mastery!  Each Achievement you get will give you XP. When you fill up your XP bar, you instantly level up. This momentous occasion gives you two things:

  • A new badge that shows off your dedication and skill
  • Bonus rolls! Every level up gives you a number of free bonus rolls so you can keep the good times rolling

To check your current level progress, tap on the Achievements button at the top of the main screen. This will show how much XP you have and how much you need. You can also tap Leaderboardsto see how you stack up against your friends!


When you level up you're rewarded with bonus rolls which enter your bonus roll inventory directly. There may sometimes be a delay before the bonus rolls are rewarded, so please allow up to a minute for them to come through.


Dice with Buddies Scoring Tips

Knowing that you need to beat your opponent’s score is one thing, getting the most out of your score is another! The scorecard is broken down into two major sections, known as the Upper and Lower sections. 

Upper Section: 
Each combination equals the total number of dice that match that number. For example, if a player were to roll three twos, the score would be recorded as 6 in the Twos box. 

Upper Section Bonus: 
If a player scores at least 63 points across all of the Upper Section combinations ( Without a 5 Of a Kind Bonus), a bonus of 35 points will be added to the Upper Section Score. 

Lower Section: 
Lower section spaces are typically more complex and have more specific requirements for scoring. For a complete breakdown of each space, please look below! 

Three of a kind 
At least three of the same dice (example:1, 5, 2, 5, 5) 
Score: Sum of all dice 

Four of a kind 
At least four of the same dice (example: 6, 2, 6, 6, 6) 
Score: Sum of all dice 

Full House 
A three of a kind of one number, and a pair of a different number (example: 2, 4, 4, 2, 4) 
Score: 25 points 

Small Straight 
Four dice in a sequence (example: 1, 6, 3, 4, 2) 
Score: 30 points 

Large Straight 
Five dice in a sequence (example: 2, 4, 3, 6, 5) 
Score: 40 points 

Five of a kind 
All five of the same dice (example: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5) 
Score: 50 points 

Any combination of dice can be scored in chance. There are no specific requirements for this space. Simply add up your entire roll! 
Score: Sum of all dice 

Five of a Kind bonus: 
If you fill the five of a kind space and claim your 50 points, any subsequent five of a kind that you roll will award 50 bonus points to whatever space you place the second five of a kind into! This keeps five of a kinds important and very valuable for the entire game, even if you’ve already scored one!


Dice with Buddies Earning Bonus Rolls

The bonus rolls are everywhere! Enjoy the game to its fullest these are the many ways to get bonus rolls:

  • Daily Gift - Every day, your Facebook friends can send you a single bonus roll. They add up quick, so be sure to collect your Daily Gift every day!
  • Leveling Up - Grab some achievements and level up! When you hit the new tier, you’ll get some new dice and be rolling in the rolls.
  • Winning Tournaments - If you score high enough, you’ll get free dice. Some tournaments have a prize as high as a lifetime supply of bonus rolls! With the right mixture of luck and strategy, you can get a cache of dice for one good game!

A bonus roll is a terrible thing to waste, and we want you to have it. Please keep in mind that you can only accept one bonus roll per day. If you accept more than one per day, it won’t be added to your account.

Custom Dice Tips & Tricks

Custom dice are only available for players on iOS/Android phones and tablets. 

What are custom dice? 
Custom dice are new colors and styles for the dice that you see while you play the game. Your opponents will see the custom dice that you're using at the top of their screen once you take your turn. 

Where do I find the custom dice page? 
You can access this new feature by pressing the "Awards" button at the top of the main screen for Dice With Buddies. 

iOS Players: Once you're on the awards screen, swipe right on the navigation bar at the top of the page to switch to the "Custom Dice" tab from the "Achievements" tab. 

Android Players : Once you're on the awards screen, swipe left on the screen to switch tabs until you reach the "Custom Dice" tab. 

How do I choose a new dice? 
Any custom dice that you own will be shown under the "Your Dice Collection" section. The current Dice that you're using is highlighted in blue and shows the word "Active". You can switch to using any other dice in the "Your Dice Collection" section by pressing on the dice you wish to choose and then pressing "Activate". 

How do I unlock new dice? 
All currently available custom dice are shown in the "Locked Dice" section. Each custom dice you can unlock has an achievement that you must earn to unlock it. If you press on any of those locked custom dice, the window which opens will tell you exactly what you need to do to unlock it, and even show your current progress towards that goal. 

The progress bar on a custom dice isn't accurate

If you feel that the progress bar on any given custom dice isn't accurate, there's a few things that you should keep in mind:  

1. Several custom dice do not track progress retroactively.   
Many custom dice only track progress that you've made after the release of custom dice. Here's all of the custom dice that fall under this rule:  St. Paddy's, Gold, Leopard, Diamond, Tally, Orange .  

2. The progress bar on Gold, Orange, Roman Numeral, and Wood dice does not actively track your streak.
The progress bar for these two custom dice only show the highest point in your streak that you have ever reached, which means that it's possible for them to appear "stuck" if you lose your streak. Example: if you play for 20 consecutive days and then miss a day, the Orange dice progress bar will show 20 until you build up to a streak longer than 20.

3. The 24 hour window on Gold dice is always moving forward with you.
Rather than being set at a fixed time, such as midnight one day to midnight the next day, this achievement continuously checks the previous 24 hours and counts the amount of bonus rolls spent in that time frame.

Dice with Buddies Tournaments Tips

Are you ready to compete with other players for prizes? If you are, then it’s time to start playing tournaments! Participating in a tournament is similar to playing in a head to head game, but there’s several key aspects of it that you should understand:

1. Schedule
Tournaments run daily, and often times two will be running simultaneously! While scheduling sometimes varies by an hour or two, typically tournaments will start at 12:00AM PST, and then end at 11:59PM PST. This means there’s just shy of 24 hours for each and every tournament that runs.

2. Entries
Getting into a tournament is easy ! All you have to do is click on  the Tournament button at the top of the screen. This will show you any tournaments currently running, at which point you can press the “enter now” button to play. There’s no limit on the number of times you can enter a tournament.

For most tournaments, your first entry is free. After that, there is typically a bonus roll buy-in that you have to pay before you can re-enter. The “enter now” button should always list the amount of bonus rolls it will cost to enter. Some tournaments, called freerolls, have no buy-in cost and you can play as many times as you like.

3. Prizes
When you finish a tournament game, your score is recorded, and then the game will tell you what prize tier (if any) you’ve qualified for. There are always three fixed prize tiers which are as follows:

  • Grand Prize - 1st place only!
  • Winner’s Circle
  • Honorable Mention

The ranks required to reach the Winner’s Circle and Honorable mention vary from tournament to tournament, but a general guideline to keep in mind as as follows:

  • The Winner’s Circle usually falls between 2nd place and 30th place. Sometimes it might be smaller or larger!
  • Honorable Mentions come after the Winner’s Circle, and typically have hundreds or thousands of slots!

You can always find the placing requirements and rewards for each tier by pressing the “Info” button in the top left corner of the tournament page. 


Match of the Day Tips

At the bottom of the “Your Turn” section you will see a Match of the Day shown which prompts you to play against an opponent for a reward of XP.  

If you choose to start the Match of the Day, then you will receive the XP as soon as your opponent accepts the game. Once started, a new Match of the Day won’t be shown until a day has passed.  

If you have played a Match of the Day and have not received your XP Reward, then we would recommend the following:

  • Head to your game list

  • Press on the “Events + Rewards” button

  • Switch to the “Results” tab, located at the top of the screen

Any unclaimed rewards will be listed on this page under the “Rewards” header. If you don’t see this header, then this indicates that you don’t have any rewards which need to be claimed.
Note:  This feature has taken the place of our previous “Suggested Game” feature, which functioned in a similar manner, but did not offer XP.


Event Lobby Standings Page Guide

What is the Prizes page? The Prizes page serves three major purposes: 

1. Collecting your rewards

2. Checking your current standings in events

3. Showing the history of past tournaments


How do I collect my rewards?

Whenever you earn prizes from tournaments, they'll arrive on the Prizes page with a ""Claim"" button by each prize! If the ""Prizes"" section is not visible, then you don't have any prizes to claim.


Keep in mind:

Scratchers, Daily Achievements, and Dice Master Showdown rewards will still all automatically be credited to you. You don't have to go and claim them from the Rewards section!


Dice with Buddies Event Lobby Guide

The event lobby was introduced with version 4.5 of the game. If you aren't on version 4.5 yet, you'll need to update, or wait until an update is available before you'll be able to utilize this feature. 

What is the Event Lobby?
The event lobby is a new page created to house all of our special events and challenges in one location so that you can more easily keep track of everything going on in the world of Yahtzee with Buddies! 

The event lobby also contains your prizes from events such as tournaments. Keep in mind you will need to manually claim those prizes now! If you want to learn more, please check out the "Event Lobby Standings Page" article. 

How do I find the Event Lobby? 
A button for entering the event lobby page should be located about the "Your Turn" section, right near the top of the game's main menu. 

What's on the Event Lobby page?
A number of things are in the event lobby page, we'll explain it all from top to bottom just below:

Highlighted Banners 
These banners, located at the top of the Event Lobby, serve as highlights for events that we want to call out special attention to. 

  • Tournaments
    Standard and Premium tournaments are both housed and offered here, just like they used to be on the game's main menu
  • Dice Master Showdown
    Our new Dice Master Showdown feature will show up both here in the Event Lobby, and in the "Your Turn" section of the main menu. If you press the "Play" button, you'll be taken right into a game against a master! If you press on the main body of this button, you'll be taken to the Dice Master Showdown page. 
  • Custom Dice
    You'll see a custom dice that you haven't yet unlocked in this section, just in case you weren't aware of a new custom dice, or to remind you about any custom dice you might have forgotten.
  • Daily Achievement
    Your daily achievement will be listed here, making it easier to check on and notice! Don't miss out on those bonus rolls. 
  • Special Events
    Events will vary, but you should expect to see sales, special offers, and other unique events that you don't see every day!

Dice Duels

Dice Duels is a new game type available through the Event Lobby which allows players to compete in a monthly league that awards special prizes.


Your first Dice Duel of the day is free to enter while subsequent entries cost diamonds. Once you’ve chosen to enter, you’ll be matched up against an opponent who has also chosen to duel.

Forfeit Timer

Dice Duels have a 12 hour forfeit timer instead of the typical 5-7 day forfeit timer. Make sure to pay attention to your duels once you’ve started them!


Winning a Dice Duel will give you a few diamonds, while accumulating wins will unlock increasingly better rewards of bonus rolls and XP. You can view your progress towards these rewards on the Dice Duels prizes page. 

Most leagues will include two unique frames and the details of how to unlock these frames will always be shown on the main Dice Duels screen. 


Diamonds serve as a new currency that you can earn or buy in game! Your total Diamonds are shown at the top of the game’s main screen, alongside bonus rolls.

Obtained From:

Purchase from the store Winning Dice Duels

Used to: Participate in Dice Duels

You can find Diamonds you have been rewarded in Events + Rewards and swipe right to the next screen to claim!

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