Dice with Buddies Dice with Buddies Tips: Recovering Missing Rewards

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Hey Dice Master! If you were supposed to earn a rewards but didn’t, here's are some tips to fix it.

Dice with Buddies Tips

angryWarning: If you use dice with buddies cheats or hacks better not tell scopely support team else you will loose your chance recovering your rewards.


Dice with Buddies Missing Level Up Rewards Tips

When you level up you're rewarded with bonus rolls which enter your bonus roll inventory directly. There may sometimes be a delay before the bonus rolls are rewarded, so please allow up to a minute for them to come through.

If you find that your bonus rolls don't increase despite leveling up, then we’d like to know! Please hit the top right button of the screen to contact the support team directly.


Dice with Buddies Missing Achievement Credit Tips

If you were supposed to earn an achievement but didn’t, there’s just a few things you can do before you contact the support team.

Double check your achievement progress if you haven’t already (you can access your achievements page by pressing the star button at the top of the game’s home screen).
Long-term achievements such as “Score 1,000 Full Houses” don’t take into account games played before April of 2014. Any games that you played before that date will not count count towards your achievement progress.

If you’re still sure you were supposed to earn an achievement, then press the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this window and include as much of the following as possible:

  • What achievement you were supposed to get
  • A screenshot showing that the achievement is incomplete
  • (if applicable) a screenshot of the game showing why you were supposed to get the achievement

The more information they have, the better equipped they willl be able to try and help you out!


Dice with Buddies - Bonus Rolls from Facebook Gifts

A bonus roll is a terrible thing to waste, and you should have it if you have a chance. Keep in mind that you can only accept one bonus roll per day. If you accept more than one per day, it won’t be added to your account.

Want more bonus rolls? The bonus rolls are everywhere! 

  • Collect via Daily Gift - Every day, your Facebook friends can send you a single bonus roll. They add up quick, so be sure to collect your Daily Gift every day!
  • Leveling Up - Grab some achievements and level up! When you hit the new tier, you’ll get some new dice and be rolling in the rolls.
  • Winning Tournaments - If you score high enough, you’ll get free dice. Some tournaments have a prize as high as a lifetime supply of bonus rolls! With the right mixture of luck and strategy, you can get a cache of dice for one good game!



Dice with Buddies Missing Match of the Day XP Tips

If you have played a Match of the Day and have not received your XP Reward, then we would recommend the following:

  • Head to your game list
  • Press on the “Events + Rewards” button
  • Switch to the “Results” tab, located at the top of the screen

Any unclaimed rewards will be listed on this page under the “Rewards” header. If you don’t see this header, then this indicates that you don’t have any rewards which need to be claimed.


Dice with Buddies Tips on Fixing Lost Progress (Games, XP, Bonus Rolls)

Not all hope is lost! It’s possible that your Facebook account ended up getting linked to a different Dice With Buddies account. We would recommend that you press the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of this window, and please make sure to include the following information if you can:

  • What was your Dice With Buddies username
  • Did you recently play on a mobile version of the game? (Android or iOS)
  • Once you’re in touch with us and we have that information, we’ll get you back to the right Dice account as fast as possible.

enlightened You have less chance of recovering your progress if you use any Dice with Buddies Hacks. Remember they might not notice it but it's worth taking the chance.

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