FarmVille 2 Expand To The Fortune Fields!

Expand to the Fortune Fields!


I have only been able to unlock to level 250, is this the norm? Everything I've read says the new expansion brings you to level 260. Update-as of 3/10/16 all levels are available.

Expand to the Fortune Fields!

-Prosperous Plains
-Lucky Level
-Fluky Fields
-Providential Pasture
-Glorious Grassland
-Timely Tableland
-Charmed Champaign
-Promised Pasture
-Favoured Flatlands

Cheat codes to unlock farmville 2 expansion

Scan: e_deco_animated_windchime_sun (Wind Chime)
Change To: e_token_fortunefields_expn_sp (29)


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how do you use the tokens ?


Expansion is in 2 sections, maybe have to wait for second stage to get over level 250


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HOw do we make this work?

Swap codes, buy the item, refresh and then use the make cash items cost coins?

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it must be 260 because we know levels increase 20 by 20  maybe this time zynga made some changes kept max level 250  some expansions are coming soon probably level 260 will come with these expansions

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Thank you for this informational site ;-) 

how can I use this when I cant cheat too farmbucks?

Have found code for golden wood chipper

e_viral_expansion_chipper_wood_golden 37 works with

any one know code for toothed stone chisel


hey guys needing a bit help i used to use cheat engine 6.2 and xsonicx but struggling to work out how to get the new expansions any help muchly appreciated David

Scan: e_deco_pinkflamingo_generic (Pink Flamingo)
Change To: e_rare_toothed_chisel_stone

here you go vincemorton

what can you do with these?


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