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What's the conde for the second part of the fortune fields expansion?

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The second part just opened today for me I used the trainer to buy all the lots

who can i open the new expansion whitout Cash? sorry for my bad english.

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You got it with the 1 to 1000 Farmbucks cheat or the buy all for 0 cheat?


Nevermind, the 1 to 10000 farmbucks code worked!

I can't get part one or part two to work. Please explain how this cheat works...thanks

i only knew the Cheat coins-farmbucks-coins but this Time it don´t works. where can i finde the other cheats? I have Cheat Engine. When i want install Xsonicx trainer, my secure delete it and said theres a Trojan an from a other Sides download find a Virus. So i only have CE.

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I can only use CE too.. my Windows Hosts File blocks the Trainer (probably because of all the ads it pops up during use).  The Array of Bytes cheat doesn't work anymore and I haven't found a way to open up any of the expansions.  If you find a way, would you post it here.. Likewise, if I discover a way, I'll do the same.

You have to make an exception or exclusion in your windows defender/antivirus programs or it will delete the trainer file.

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