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I was helping a friend expand a new farm recently and I had to find the codes for the tokens. After searching the internet I came up with a few to open up his land but was wondering if there are anymore to be had. I'm posting the few I have and was wondering if these would be worthy of the lexicon and if anyone else has any to add.

here is what I have so far:

alpine accent Scan: e_deco_horseshoegame_generic (Horseshoe Pit)
Change To: e_token_alpineascent_expn_sp

mountain oasis e_deco_animated_windchime_sun (Wind Chime)
--> e_token_mountainoasis_expn_sp

deep woods Scan: e_deco_animated_flag_expansion (Horsewilds Flag)
Change To: e_token_deepwoods_expansion_sp
charming country side Scan: e_deco_animated_random_hitchingpost (Hitching Post)
Change To: e_token_charmingcountryside_expn_sp

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