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Speed-Grow Machine  when placed in my farm it dose not shown

code used

Scan: e_rare_crafted_cupcake_orange (Orange Cupcake)
Change To: e_building_free_instagrow_day

thank you for your help

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Try this one


I had same problem happen yesterday

i have had the same machine on my farm for over a month now - until yesterday - 

it was just gone and when i went to place another it leaves my inventory count, 

but is nowhere to be found???????

I can craft them again to my inventory but not place them?!?!?!?

same as farmbucks to coins for items in store is no longer responding???


Same here. the array  code isn't failing int CE but it's not giving me the "FREE!" anymore. still showing farmbucks. Looks like they found and plugged that one maybe

Alernative idea

e_rare_crafted_pie_strawberry        e_resource_instagrow_pack_100

  • m3g55
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will this work because i have 200 alrady and i can not seem to put it in my farm

  • EllaMae
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this will work 100%  you can place it in your farm and functioning.

e_deco_fence_base_horsestorage_crossbelldark  (Belle Of The Farm Fence dark)

Belle Of The Farm Fence Dark
e_rare_crafted_cupcake_apple_orange_heirloom (Heirloom Orange Apple Cupcake)

If Belle of the farm dark is available in you, you dont have to CE that fence anymore just buy.


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