FarmVille 2 Increase Water Tower Capacity

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Craft wells and add into water tower (any level)

e_rare_crop_turnip ---> e_building_well_l1

harvested turnip crop will transform into well and automatically stored in inventory.

No need to visit neighbor or refresh farm.

Search in inventory and add straight away in water tower.

A level 5 field of turnip will yield 10 wells whereas fertilized field will yield 15 wells;

Each well added into the water tower will increase 10 water



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e_rare_crop_turnip ---> e_building_well_l1

e_rare_crop_turnip ---> e_building_well_l1

Can u explain to us slow people how to use the cheat code program (whatever it's called) I have it and can't keep up with what you're doing in your video and can't see to read what your clicking on? Is there someway you can enlarge it and clear it up? I'd be much obliged! Thank you as i know you'll do the right thing, as most people in this world are doing these days! Especially in the world of politics! (hahahahaha! Just thought I'd throw in a laugh!)! Happy Holidays!

Could you please tell me how you did it?????

full water

Add to FV2 trainer
It still works. Awsome!



e_rare_crop_turnip ---> e_building_well_l1

did anyone who is willing to explain ever figure this out????

it's all fine and dandy to give a code and say what the freak it does BUT without the steps explaining exactly how to use or where to put the code does absolutely no good!


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