Gin Rummy Stars Starting to think this game wants me to spend $$$

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Hey yall, at first I loved this game then the other night sure as heck proved what almost everyone else was chatting about. #fraud
Was in a 2500 hand and the Other opponent picked up all the tens that I discarded. And when they went out, they only had one in their hand and never discarded any of them. Last night I was in a game and everything I discarded the other opponent picked up. Everything I was picking up from the deck and what the other opponent discarded was nowhere near what I even had in my hand. Oh, and let's not forget every time I need a card, a certain card.... the second I discard one of those 2 cards the card I needed comes out. Anyone else having the same issues?

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Discuss Starting to think this game wants me to spend $$$


Yes you so totally right.

Yes you so totally right. I been playing this game for a long time and have made it to level 67, and everytime I buy coins they take them so quick. I am probably playing a bot.

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