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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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I liked it better when it was cheaper to play...


Hi my name is Cassandra. I am a very dedicated Hit It Rich player, that is looking for some friends that play too (also that send the same amount of coins to me as I send to them, free spins also). So, please send me a "friend request" on Facebook. If I dont reply, please "private message" me and write that you play H.I.R also, so I accept Also, looking for teammates that have a REAL FB profile too, not just 1 picture. Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming to all!


Hi Marjorie and the rest of H.I.R players. The best wins I have gotten have always been from "Dragon Lines". I have found that my beggining bet is best at 90k, because 19k, & 38k don't hit for me. So, I collect my 2hr bonuses, gifted spins, and then free coins here at the Game Huners club. When I get around 10mill that's when I go for it. Most important is that I know if I haven't won on the 1st 3 or 4 spins, a win is comming. So that's when I up my bet, and simply just about double (betting 190k) I have gotten some pretty big wins, also if I win big I never bet over the 1,710,000....my biggest win was around 985 mill. Then (yikes) I went down to nothing, so I learned "hands on" to never let my balance go under 10 mill. I really hope this helps. Happy Gaming everyone!  Oh ya then there is what I call the "click trick"........after playing for a few when the dragon lines start rolling on 2nd and/or 3rd reel, sometimes I don't wait for it to stop on it's own, I simply click as soon as I see them.....I have also gotten some great wins from that.


hello i am yvonne


Hi my name is David I play Wizard of Oz slot everyday half a night just can't keep coins haha would love to be slot friends

Hi I'm Donna. I just joined. I need friends badly. I lost 8 million coins and all but 4 friends. I'm afraid to restart my account. I may lose the coins I've accumulated. Plus I was on like 246th level. Now starting over. Can anyone  help me. My user name is Donna Meeks. Thanks so much. Please friend me

Donna Meeks here. BTW I play hit it rich 

hi  add me

Friend requests needed for Wizard of Oz slots

Daily player,give free charms and free spins daily.

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