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Bonus coins

Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone how can i get loads of coins and bonuses always loosing coins amd bored of waiting for bonuses all the time i would like to get to a billion

  • Posted by NicoleMumtochas
  • 29,837
  • 75

How to get free coins with a iPhone

Tips & Tricks

How can I get the free coins with my iPhone I’ve got them on my Samsung and just go through the simple steps and click my way to free coins but when I follow

  • Posted by SimobVeale
  • 10,899
  • 14

Little Red Slot Cheat

Tips & Tricks

A good little cheat here on one slot. Little. Red slot, bet low until you get 4 letters of the bonus then bet high until you get the last letter, the winnings

  • Posted by PeeFreely
  • 9,176
  • 22

Hit it Rich Tips

Tips & Tricks

When I get down to 100,000 - 200,000 I skip the slots and go to cards. Usually Black Jack or Jacks or better bring me up again, 80% of the time I can build back

  • Posted by NatalieM
  • 21,624
  • 79