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Wizard of oz slot

Cheats & Hacks

please i need help with coinhs on wizard of oz slots,.i am on level 267 and have no coins .i play this games every single day but seem to rim out f coins please

  • Posted by CrossmanJulia
  • 9,913
  • 12

Blazing sevens

Cheats & Hacks

You can beat blazing sevens you just have to be persistent spispNing as fast as you .can it only hits the smaller jackpots at first after hitting all the small

  • Posted by user1537601993
  • 7,337
  • 7

Bonus coins

Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone how can i get loads of coins and bonuses always loosing coins amd bored of waiting for bonuses all the time i would like to get to a billion

  • Posted by NicoleMumtochas
  • 29,790
  • 75

How to get free coins with a iPhone

Tips & Tricks

How can I get the free coins with my iPhone I’ve got them on my Samsung and just go through the simple steps and click my way to free coins but when I follow

  • Posted by SimobVeale
  • 10,879
  • 14

Hit it Rich! Special - Little Red Tips


 bonus diario e muito mais rapido com amuleto

  • Posted by AlexandreSantos
  • 14,153
  • 38

Little Red Slot Cheat

Tips & Tricks

A good little cheat here on one slot. Little. Red slot, bet low until you get 4 letters of the bonus then bet high until you get the last letter, the winnings

  • Posted by PeeFreely
  • 9,167
  • 22

I am so tired of not winning and increasing my balance


I keep trying to raise my balance daily  non of the games provide enough wins to progress Any suggestions on a game that wins?  I have tried  mustangs  

  • Posted by VickiThorp
  • 22,389
  • 26

Hit it Rich Tips

Tips & Tricks

When I get down to 100,000 - 200,000 I skip the slots and go to cards. Usually Black Jack or Jacks or better bring me up again, 80% of the time I can build back

  • Posted by NatalieM
  • 21,611
  • 79

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