Hit It Rich! Casino Slots I am so tired of not winning and increasing my balance

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I keep trying to raise my balance daily  non of the games provide enough wins to progress


Any suggestions on a game that wins?  I have tried  mustangs   lucy  farmville  downton abby  and many others


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Discuss I am so tired of not winning and increasing my balance


I never win big always taking my money how do I get RICH...ANYONE??

help to win more coin


Your best odds are the slots like Dragon Flare 7s and others like it. Bid anything under 5 million unlimited spins. It should start building up your money. If it starts slowing down then stop the spinning and manually spin a couple of times and stop it yourself. This may reset the reels. These games have less graphics so your chances of winning are greater. If for some reason you just can't seem to win then just stop playing. 

Mustangs are the worse. Try Blue eyes and Shetchers 

Quisiera saber porque no puedo conseguir monedas de bonificación gracias
Never grt my free cons
Sharon Sharp Thsnk you it use to b easy to win now its harder to win unkess u spenx alot of money

i been playing hit it rich for years i never can get up myself to have alot of point to play higher bet , i'm always betting low but sames like when i do have a few coins to bet i try a little higher ,than i back to losing my coins.i love playing the game be its so boring not able to even get to a high lever to play the other games , unless y'all open all the games up,than i finally got up to 164 million than accidently hit the max button . please y'all can y'all at lease give back my coins i lost , 

i play this game 3 or 4 times a day since 2013 i buy your points & i never increase enought to play to win sucks! not happy spin it rich your the only one winning!

send me some money :/


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