Huuuge Casino Huuuge Casino Tips: Free Chips & Rewards

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huuuge casino free chips tips and tricks

Compiled Huuuge Casino Tips and Tricks for all New Players and Fans.

Huuuge Casino offers a lot of games and socializing features that you will never get bored.  It is the the best slot game on the market. 


Get More Free Chips, Tickets & Bonus Rewards

  • You may collect a Free Shop Bonus every 8 hours
  • You can collect free chips from Lobby Bonus every 15 minutes
  • Extra chips can be earned by completing Daily Missions.
  • The better the ticket, the bigger the chance to get puzzle pieces.
  • When you compete in better leagues, you get greater rewards.
  • Remember to claim your free chips every time your Clubmate hits a Jackpot or make a purchase.
  • All Club Members receive a Huuuge amount of chips at the end of the League Season
  • You receive rewards for completed Club Events even if you are offline.
  • You can collect Huge amount of chips in Club Events
  • You earn Fame Points for receiving Likes, connecting with other players and winning chips.
  • You may give other players chips using diamonds. You can ask your friends to do this for you.
  • Other Club Members will receive a bonus when you purchase chips!
  • Also we assume that the expiration of each bonus links is 15 days based on our observation on Billionaire Casino Game


GameHunters.Club compiles all free chips and bonus daily for Huuuge Casino for your convenience. Check out Huuuge Casino Free Chips and Rewards page.


Huuuge Casino Winning Tips:

  • XP Boots Time cumulates! Take advantage and level up faster!
  • The higher the bet you play, the faster you level up.
  • It is easier to hit a Jackpot on machines with smaller jackpots
  • When you reach the next player level, you may unlock new slots.
  • In some games, you can choose from three bonus games
  • Sometimes manual spin is better that auto-spin. Pachislo is all about stopping the reels on you own. Do you have the skill? 
  • Try your luck at Classic Slots! You may hit really Huge wins there!
  • Click the jackpot value inside the slot to view the winning combination.
  • High Roller slots have the biggest Jackpots
  • Take a chance and increase your winnings up to 8 time in Video Poker
  • Play card games in Huuuge Casino to get more wins.
  • Compete against others and win Huge prizes in frequent events.


Huuuge Casino Fan Facts:

  • 1% of chips you bet goes to the Jackpot pool of the slot you play
  • Check the leaderboards every day and try to beat the top players.
  • If you don’t like your Club, you can change it for one you will feel at home in.
  • You may choose from 8 game types in Huuuge Casino.
  • Have you tried Huuuge Casino Clubs yet? With Clubs you can team-up with other players.
  • Huge Casino offers the best multiplayer casino and slot games
  • Some slots do not have jackpots, but introduce other fancy features, go check them out
  • Shop promos change every day, head there to find a deal that suits you.
  • Keep an eye out for special offers. You may be offered an incredible deal!


Huuuge Casino In-Game Daily Free Chips Guide

Daily lottery

You can get only one daily bonus a day. A number of Chips you can get is a sum of:

  1. Friends you have (1 friend = 1000 Chips), up to 25 Friends = 25 000 Chips.
  2. Likes (1 like = 100 Chips), up to 100 likes = 10 000 Chips
  3. Play Time Bonus (1 day = 1000 Chips), up to 25 days = 25 000 Chips.
  4. Daily Bonus Wheel spin, free Chips up to 1 500 000 Chips.

How to Add More Friends?

Friends are the most important part of the game! Even if you're not able to find them at the start, you will quickly overcome that gap and in no-time, your friend list will be full of cool people! Note that the Max amount of Friends a player can have is 200.

  • Invite your Facebook Friends or you can join the GameHunters.Club's Huuuge Casino Add Me List. Be careful when adding Facebook Friends make sure that they actually play the game and set your privacy settings accordingly.
  • If you have your friends Player ID you can do the following steps:
    • Tap on the "Friends" button in the upper right corner of your screen. 
    • Click the "Connect / Add Friend" button. 
    • Type in or paste the Player ID and click "Submit". 
    •  If everything is done correctly, your friend will appear.

Lobby bonus

To get your Lobby Bonus, tap the "Collect Chips" button. You can get 50,000 Chips every 15 minutes! You may get additional chips just for tapping 'Speed UP!' and watching the ad in the game!

Shop bonus

To receive the shop bonus, you should head to the store and in the bottom-right corner you can tap button "Collect!", after that chips will be granted to your account. You can use that bonus every 8 hours.

Daily Missions

Every day you can complete small challenges that we've prepared for you! You don't need to be stressed about it though, you will achieve them by standard play! First, move to the 'Missions' at the lobby panel, and everything will appear before you, good luck!


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