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Huuuge Casino Tips: Free Chips & Rewards

Tips & Tricks

Compiled Huuuge Casino Tips and Tricks for all New Players and Fans.Huuuge Casino offers a lot of games and socializing features that you will never get

  • Posted by MiaME
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Casino fever help me find armchair

Tips & Tricks

Hi I looking for red gold armchair with 5*  This chair is on Fun strip lv 2 Casino wildstyles. I have 1 only and I need 1. First find lvl up with bet 1B. But

  • Posted by Oszolomek
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Level up

Tips & Tricks

Been playing here for many years now, looking to go pro with an elite club. Where do I go? The club I'm with now is ok but I want to know what's up at

  • Posted by Straightspunrun
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Huuuge casino club wall

Tips & Tricks

Anyone know how long does the jackpot earnings stay on the club wall? I mean that if someone in the club hits the jackpot the other members get chips to collect

  • Posted by PiotrGora
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Tips & Tricks

I cannot get my free bonus chips! Every time I click on the link and open the app and do what it says I get nothing!! This sucks! It used to work and now for

  • Posted by HellBettie
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Money madness

Tips & Tricks

Money madness, the trick to a jackpot is pending on your chip amount . If you have $50 million go to money madness and set your spin amount at $350k put it on

  • Posted by JoeKickbutt
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No plays in club

Tips & Tricks

No one ever plays in m y club I dont know what's gappens if I leave my club but I'm all by myself playing can I join a new club without losing

  • Posted by Elliot0426
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Huuuge Casino Endless Chips

Tips & Tricks

Out of money?  Then logout off huuuge casino then go to a chip link. It does not matter if you all ready used....

  • Posted by SkylaRoelofs
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How to get the mini bonus game

Tips & Tricks

Hello huuuge casino gamers!!i have a question: how to get the mini bonus game? The game where you must open 1 of the 3 chests after you grow a level?? I hope

  • Posted by user1545339999
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Tips & Tricks

I hit 2 rows of 7's and I dont feel like it gave me the proper amount but then again I could be wrong . But its been happening to me alot lately I would win

  • Posted by RaulBeltran
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