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Welcome Monster Legends Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Get Unlimited Gold And Gems For Free

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Bingo Bash Free Chips & Powerplays????

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Monster Legends

Get ready to get Fatid, the new monster of Grand Prix Team Race! Grand Prix Team Race is a new concept of races based on our players' feedback! To know more click the link

Likes: 612 Shares: 24 Posted:

Monster Legends

Would you like to know what is happening Behind the Scenes of Monster Legends? Get to know our team at

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Monster Legends

#breeding mayhem! Good luck and share some love ♥

Likes: 867 Shares: 57 Posted:

Monster Legends

#warmaster Barbael Dungeons are LIVE! Are you going to push through the dungeons and try to get him? As a Warmaster, Barbael is the fastest Fire control monster, with a very high Life! He has a very special trait that makes him Hardened and that gives Damage Boost to all his allies! His skills are very impressive: He’s masters both Total Blinding and Trait Disabling like no other, and he can also apply torture effects like Ignite and Sunburn!... We have also a lot of additional prizes for players who get Barbael in time. By completing each Floor after Floor 2 in the Heroic Dungeon you will be able to get fantastic rewards! All rewards will be given out between Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd June. Remember that Barbael will come back, but only this time will there be Barbael's Blessing rewards, so don't miss the chance! Floor 2 → Rune Strength level X Floor 3 → Rune Speed level X + 1.000.000 Food Floor 4 → 50 Elementium Floor 5 → 1.000 Gems Floor 6 → Tenacity Shield + Taiga Trap

Likes: 755 Shares: 8 Posted:

Monster Legends

#Nemeses dungeons are opening their gates again on June 15th. So get your Monsters and be ready to grind some Nemesis cells. Remember, dungeons for each Nemesis last only 1 day and Nemesis monster group 4 skills are following the same format as the Warmasters which means they are unlocked as they rank up.

Likes: 953 Shares: 48 Posted:

Monster Legends

The cargo ship that carried the next supply of Relics to Monster Legends crashed and some of the Chest Relics landed on an abandoned island. To retrieve them you first need to get Yntec to help you AND you will have to complete several tasks that will progressively get you through the island to the grand final Relic chest. The Lost Relics progressive event starts June 13th, 12pm (CEST) and ends June 19th, 12pm (CEST).... How to enter the event: To see the event, you need to have Yntec in your Monstagram (colored) at any point until the event finishes.

Likes: 698 Shares: 20 Posted:

Monster Legends

Watch Armor Gaming uncover all the secrets of Barbael. Very first exclusivelook at the NEW Warmaster BEFORE the OFFICIAL RELEASE.

Likes: 446 Shares: 15 Posted:

Monster Legends

Who dares to call his name? #Warmaster

Likes: 643 Shares: 25 Posted:

Monster Legends

Dr. Viktor is looking forward to the NEW RELIC progressive event starting on June 13th. For a chance to participate make sure to have YNTEC colored in the Monstagram! Otherwise, you won't see the event.

Likes: 673 Shares: 39 Posted:

Monster Legends

Rabbish is going to be hiding somewhere in the MAZE today. Don't miss the chance to catch him!

Likes: 655 Shares: 22 Posted:

Monster Legends

Some info about Hackers and Bans ⚠ Hello Monster Masters, We have noticed that in the community there was a bit of confusion and unclarity about account restrictions and bans that have been recently applied to several Monster Legends accounts.... We would like to address this topic and give you some information about it. As you might know, one of our priorities is to keep the game fair and enjoyable for everyone. We understand the frustration of encountering exploiters and hackers and how much this can affect the game experience. We don’t tolerate unfair behavior and in the past months, we have put a lot of effort into improving our detection system. This system punishes only players that have been performing suspicious activities, so you don’t have anything to worry about if you are playing fair. On the other hand, if we detect suspicious and unfair behavior the account can be temporary or permanently banned. This is the reason why you might have noticed an increase of accounts blocked or restricted. We will keep tweaking and improving our detection systems in the following months. Thanks for the collaboration to everyone!

Likes: 703 Shares: 31 Posted:

Monster Legends

Bloody 72 Challenge will be waiting for you #Tomorrow

Likes: 912 Shares: 39 Posted:

Monster Legends

Has it been 4 years already?! Yes! Monster Legends’ birthday month is here and we want to celebrate it with all of you. Be prepared to have a lots of fun and to get some monstrous rewards. To celebrate Monster Legends’ birthday properly, you’ll need to get some candles to light up the final cake! When you collect all the necessary candles and go through the fun Dungeons you will be able to craft a NEW birthday monster YNTEC! From June 4th, you can collect candles in the game.... With these candles you will be able to participate in the special birthday dungeons. But it’s not that easy! There are 5 colors of the candles: White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black. Five candles of a specific color will unlock a specific Dungeon: 5 White Birthday Candles give you access to the Easy Dungeon. 5 Blue Birthday Candles give you access to the Easy-Medium Dungeon. 5 Yellow Birthday Candles give you access to the Medium Dungeon. 5 Red Birthday Candles give you access to the Medium-Hard Dungeon And 5 Black Birthday Candles will give you access to the most fun Dungeon of them all - the Hard one. By defeating the monsters that will be waiting for you on every node of the Dungeons you will be able to collect Cells of YNTEC! All the dungeons will be available until June 13th. Keep in mind that you need at least level 20 and the latest version of the game to participate in the event. Login to Facebook and visit the Monster Legends Community Facebook Page, where you can find the Birthday Event with all the information on where to find the candles! And don’t forget to click on “GOING” to the event! We’ll be waiting for you at the finish line with a cake!

Likes: 978 Shares: 1 Posted:

Monster Legends

Would you like to see new profile pictures in the game? If so, which ones would it be? New monsters, buildings, workers, etc. Let us know in the comments below!⬇

Likes: 709 Shares: 18 Posted:

Monster Legends

Download the new update (6.5) and enjoy the new beautiful islands!

Likes: 12 Shares: 32 Posted:

Monster Legends

Have fun with the new epic breeding Who would you like to get? Parents: Goldcore + Rabidex (Vadamagma + Exo Skeel)... ‍♀‍♂ Kids: Kaori, Armole, Burning Rogue, Inknatius, Ophiuchus

Likes: 606 Shares: 39 Posted:

Monster Legends

The hunt for the Tijen scrolls will begin tomorrow. Be prepared! Collect 10 Scrolls to enter exclusive Maze to get an exclusive monster on Thursday.

Likes: 779 Shares: 38 Posted:

Monster Legends

New diamond relic released - Ingvar's banner! Available in the SPACE CORSAIRS ISLAND!

Likes: 608 Shares: 13 Posted:

Monster Legends

Are you curious to know who is waiting for you at the end of the 1st Warmaster dungeons? Check Armor Gaming's first look at GORTAK.

Likes: 349 Shares: 4 Posted:

Monster Legends

Warmaster dungeons are LIVE! Unlocked at level 40 Reoccurring every month Gortak Heroic dungeons last 7 days... Progress is saved until the next time dungeons are live

Likes: 718 Shares: 44 Posted:

Monster Legends

They call him GORTAK! The first Warmaster is a heavy Earth attacker who has a very special trait: ⚠He’s Immune to Control (Stun, MegaStun, Freeze, MegaFreeze, Regular, and exclusive Possesions)... ⚠ He makes all his allies Immune to Stun and MegaStun! Yes, you read that right: Gortak’s trait works on the whole team! Gortak is an Uncontrollable attacker. He has very powerful attacks, combined with shields and Quicksand. But he can also help his teammates by making them Uncontrollable and Protecting them against Dark. He can also gain access to MegaStun skills that will control the majority of his enemies, (if they are not already dead)! Elementium or Elemental cells can't be used to craft or rank up Warmasters. They only use their own energy - Monster cells!

Likes: 755 Shares: 37 Posted:

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Breed new species! Battle through treacherous lands in Adventure Mode or battle with your mightiest monsters in the Monster Arena!

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