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Monster Legends

Warspellz is very fast support monster. ✔ He can buff his team even if it means sacrificing himself. ✔ He can also apply a very special status effect: Anticipation! With it, when an enemy triggers an extra turn, his allies will perform one first. ✔ He can grant a 50% Damage Protection to all allies and his special skill can make a full rest on the whole team: They will all gain 100% Life and Stamina, and lose all their negative effects.

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Monster Legends

Olympus Race is over and Gods were pleased! They are sending their congratulations to the winning Team AFKk! Their amazing cooperation and teamwork brought them the 1st place! They have been offered a few wishes and they chose one of them to grant upon the whole Monster Legends community.... So let's welcome Blob to the group of permanently breedable legendaries!

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Monster Legends

Have you collected all 15 shells of his? Because now it's the time and get him in the Progressive event that starts tomorrow! In case you are curious about this unusually hairy turtle read his story ➡

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Monster Legends

Very Important Peop....Monsters breeding is here! Make sure to log in the game tomorrow and participate in this crazy hunt for your own VIP monster!

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Monster Legends

The hunt for iMigbo Monster has started!! If you want to know more, check the following link ➡

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Monster Legends

Meet the real ruler of Vlad's Castle. Count Vlad's wife and Fampira's mother, Countess Flawless, is 367 years old, but she doesn't look a day over 42! She doesn't show up much in big events, but everyone knows that nothing happens in Monstelvania without her approval. She will be making her appearance in the maze event very soon. Countess Flawless is the fastest Dark control monster to date! She has a very impressing set of skills: she can Possess all enemies and give them Nightmares. She also has vampiric attacks which make her very durable in battle. With her special skill, Countess Flawless can resurrect all allies and give them Double Damage!

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Monster Legends

New 72-hour Challenge is live and this time with some balancing changes! For more details check out our forum:

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Monster Legends

Get to know one of our Game Designers and learn something exciting about the Team Battlegrounds, all in one video!

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Monster Legends

Big 🎞 Youtubers are running a tournament to celebrate the beta launch of TEAM BATTLEGROUNDS! In the left corner, we have VANOSS, the all mighty, and in the right corner, we have the champion CALLUX! The first match starts tomorrow! To join team Vanoss look for "Vanoss Team Battleground" and to join Callux look for "Callux Team Battleground"

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Monster Legends

Are you prepared to face your biggest challenge yet? Is your team ready to cooperate like never before? The time has come to assemble your team and fight for your battlegrounds! #comingverysoon

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Monster Legends

The Warmaster of the Dark Arts has shown up. He can control, he can revive, he is unstoppable Check his superiority in this GLORIOUS video and don't forget to pay him a visit in the Heroic Dungeons!... Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more exclusive EPIC videos.

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Monster Legends

Necromancer heard you and will be coming on Thursday with a style! Look forward to a brand new video, dungeons and be sure to check the UPDATE section in the game for more detailed information!

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Monster Legends

Master of the dark arts is waiting to come back! It's time for him to come out from the seclusion and spread his knowledge amongst us all. What is his name? #comingsoon The legend says, if you write his name many times, he will appear!

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Monster Legends

These are legendary combinations for the current breeding event. Hasai = Rootziel ♥ Goath'el (Galante) Exo Skeel = Chordim ♥ Griffex (Violet) Super Dan = Squamata Jr. ♥ Xpug (Galante Jr.)... Firelequin = Ao Loong ♥ Fenix (Galante) Nidaria = Anaitis ♥ Freeza (Violet) Trilops = Grididon ♥ Irockman (Galante Jr.) Ultrabot = Darknubis ♥ Gold Ra (Galante) Worker Hulk = Pandalf ♥ Hyperion (Violet) Nebotus = Cthulu ♥ Obsidia (Galante Jr.) Darkzgul = Fayemelina ♥ Darknubis (Galante) Goldfield = Erpham ♥ Drop Elemental (Violet) Thorder = Tartarus ♥ Rabidex (Galante Jr.) Rockantium = Terracrank ♥ Musu (Galante) Nemestrinus = Darknubis ♥ Rhynex (Violet) Vadamagma = Skipples ♥ Duchess (Galante Jr.) Arch Knight = Esthirel ♥ Goldcore (Galante)

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Monster Legends

Will you be able to win Prince Charmless's heart and integrate him in your Monster army? His life wasn't easy. This frog lived his whole life in the gardens of King Daeron and Queen Luthien’s castle. He grew up sneaking into their library to read all their books, studied their battle skills, and emulated their manners. All he wanted was to become a charming prince. One day, he convinced Bella Baal to kiss him and help him realize his dream, but when she did… he didn’t become a charming prince, but Prince Charmless. Maybe he should’ve known that kissing a monster princess will never make you a human prince!

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Monster Legends

Phase 3 of Summer breeding event is here! Tankerion has oiled his joints and is ready to hang out with all of you on the beach this summer!

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Monster Legends

Phase 2 of Summer breeding is live! Make sure to get Zimnyaya to be able to participate in Phase 3 coming next week!

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Monster Legends

Apex Predators island is coming to an end and it's time to shift our focus to the next event - MAZE. You will have an opportunity to get Kihaku and other famous monsters such as Harusami, Uru, Yamato, and Kaori. So make your efforts count because there is a sweet surprise waiting for you.

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Monster Legends

We love images! Especially if we can show off mighty Rocigon power posing with the sun in the background. SUMMER BREEDING combination phase: Musu Freeza (Galante) = Shakti... Rhynex Rhinoram (Violet) = Nidaria Shakti (Galante Jr.) Nidaria = Rocigon In phase 2: Rocigon + ??? = ???

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Monster Legends

Summer breeding phase 1 with joker combinations: Musu Freeza (Galante) = Shakti Rhynex Rhinoram (Violet) = Nidaria... Shakti (Galante Jr.) Nidaria = Rocigon In phase 2: Rocigon + ??? = ???

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Monster Legends

Warmaster Gortak dungeon is coming back to life tomorrow June 29th, 2018. Prepare your armies, feed and rank up your monsters to be able to compete in higher floors! Be fast because the dungeons will be live only for a few days. Keep in mind that your progress in Warmaster dungeons is always saved till next time.

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Breed new species! Battle through treacherous lands in Adventure Mode or battle with your mightiest monsters in the Monster Arena!

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