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Mutants Genetic Gladiators Hack: God Mode & Damage

Mutants Genetic Gladiators God Mode Cheat Codes Only:- Effects: Changes the Enemy attack to Zero making you a God Mode.FIND: 24 FF AB 96 D7 26 96 29 60 40 46 F9

  • Posted by Raphael
  • 67,541
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Mutants Genetic Gladiators: How to Earn Resources

Learn how to earn resources like Gold, Reactor Tokens, Jackpot Tokens, Credits & more.

  • Posted by MiaME
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How to get a reactor token?

Just go to the bingo if you to have many gold or tokens or you must follow the rules just play and play until you get level or there was an gift if you ever win

  • Posted by RodinFuentes
  • 18,675
  • 643

Needs Tag Team

My Facebook is Jasper Villareal Orbon feel free to add me, I would appreciate it :DI'm in need of a tag team and it can really help me progress in campaigns

  • Posted by JazFixx
  • 662
  • 3

I need help

do the bonus gifts expire or just have a cooldown? please i need to know please i need to know please i need to know please i need to know please i need to

  • Posted by vildaps
  • 854
  • 2

Could you give me gold

Hello I'm a first timer playing mgg and I spent my gold on spinning because I thought I can win more gold's but it ends me nothing, could you give me

  • Posted by Bananaman18
  • 1,582
  • 2

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Welcome Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
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Oro Oro

  • Started by: YosmerGonsalesS
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Oro Oro

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How To Get 999999 Gold

  • Started by: BandlerAmbot
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  • Started by: IvanCarrera
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NEW MUTANT CONCEPT ART Psy Captains,Here is the concept art of a new mutant, made by our chara designer Jon, which will be released soon! What do you think of it, Psy Captains?Also, a big thank you to the community for sending us tickets detailing the problems some of you may have encountered with the latest Android update. We'll be back with a status report tomorrow!Play MGG and win a gift ->


✦ CONTEST! ✦Thank you for participating in the last contest! Raffy Orati was able to locate Buffalor behind Mephisto, and wins 750 Gold!For this week's contest, tell us in the comments which mutant is hiding S-K-Venger on this picture. A Psy Captain with the correct answer will be randomly selected and will win 750 Gold!Play MGG and get a gift ->


✦ STATUS REPORT ✦Psy Captains,Ctopy has been called in! For a few days now, the game has no longer been accessible on Android devices (but is still accessible on iOS devices and on PC via browser). We've therefore decided to release a new version of the game as soon as possible to restore access to all.This version of the game does not contain any additional new content, but has been created with a view to making MGG future-proof. The development team and beta-testers (many thanks to them!) have done their utmost to bring this latest version of MGG to the Google PlayStore as quickly as possible. In spite of everything, and due to this hasty release, the new version of the game may still present some instabilities. The team will address any potential concerns accordingly. Some tips for installing the new Android version : If, once this new version is installed, you experience disconnections or still have no access to the game, we invite you to uninstall the existing version before installing this new version again; If you are still experiencing the problem, please restart your Android device; Check the bottom right-hand corner of the options menu for version 74; If you encounter any bugs not listed as known issues below, please report them to us in as much detail as possible with your Kobojo ID in a ticket to Game Support ( ). Known bugs:***"Save failed. Check available disk space." after a fight=> this message will disappear on its own after a few fights, but may reappear randomly. Progress is saved anyway.***The Google notification window remains visible once the application has been launched.***When you try to replace or freeze a mutant in your incubator, the pop-up window deletes the mutant's original name and forces you to rewrite it manually.The team will be working to resolve all these issues over the coming weeks. Many thanks to you, Psy-Captains, for your patience and help, and happy to see you back in Genetic City! ->


✦ STATUS UPDATE ✦Psy Captains,Urban and Darwin are hard at work restoring the situation in Genetic City! For the past few days, the game has no longer been accessible on Android devices but is still available on iOS devices and on PC via a browser. Our team has identified the issue: following an unforeseen update from Facebook, the Android version of the game needs to be modified to function fully again.To be totally transparent, our team has been working for over 7 months on a new version of MGG. This version of the game does not include any additional new content but is a substantial update of the game's infrastructure (as a priority, the replacement of the graphics engine to avoid obsolescence in the long run and allow the game to last for many years ). It will also be compatible with the latest regulations on all our platforms. It is similar to the work we did when Flash disappeared, to guarantee the future of Mutants: Genetic Gladiators. This version was scheduled for release in the coming weeks. We're choosing to release in the next few days, so the game will be available to everyone on Android once again. However, it is possible that this version, released earlier than initially planned, may still be unstable. We apologize in advance and, will fix any potential issue following the release to give you an optimal game experience. We are also looking into ways of ensuring that such situations do not recur in the future.This new version will be available for download on Android devices soon. Thank you once again to the entire community for your unfailing support and loyalty!Just a little more patience, we're almost there, Psy Captains! ->


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