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Mutants Genetic Gladiators Hack: God Mode & Damage

Mutants Genetic Gladiators God Mode Cheat Codes Only:- Effects: Changes the Enemy attack to Zero making you a God Mode.FIND: 24 FF AB 96 D7 26 96 29 60 40 46 F9

  • Posted by Raphael
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Mutants Genetic Gladiators: How to Earn Resources

Learn how to earn resources like Gold, Reactor Tokens, Jackpot Tokens, Credits & more.

  • Posted by MiaME
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How to get a reactor token?

Just go to the bingo if you to have many gold or tokens or you must follow the rules just play and play until you get level or there was an gift if you ever win

  • Posted by RodinFuentes
  • 21,084
  • 647

Needs Tag Team

My Facebook is Jasper Villareal Orbon feel free to add me, I would appreciate it :DI'm in need of a tag team and it can really help me progress in campaigns

  • Posted by JazFixx
  • 1,354
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I need help

do the bonus gifts expire or just have a cooldown? please i need to know please i need to know please i need to know please i need to know please i need to

  • Posted by vildaps
  • 1,192
  • 5

Could you give me gold

Hello I'm a first timer playing mgg and I spent my gold on spinning because I thought I can win more gold's but it ends me nothing, could you give me

  • Posted by Bananaman18
  • 2,482
  • 20

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Welcome Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Oro Oro

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Oro Oro

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How To Get 999999 Gold

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✦ LATEST NEWS: ABOUT THE UPCOMING BALANCE PATCH ✦Psy Captains,Following our sneak peek of the upcoming balance update, a lot of you have been very vocal about how you felt regarding the planned changes in Credit generation for Bounty Hunter and other mutants. There were good points made by the community about it, and this made us reconsider the timing of it: although the Credit generation of Bounty Hunter still needs to be altered as it is paramount for a healthy game economy balance, multiple actions need to be taken at the same time to make sure the economy of the game is in a good place.Consequently, we decided to push back the Credit generation changes so that they will be part of an upcoming game economy balancing patch, which will include changes such as increasing the credit generation of many other mutants (mainly event-exclusive and Challenge Hall-exclusive mutants to reward you for playing the game and participating in Events, but also a few others like Cr€$uS and Midas). We're also considering other changes which could promote having various mutants on the rooftop rather than only the same one, though we're still assessing the feasibility of implementing these ideas.Additionally, we'd also like to set up more ways to get community feedback, which is invaluable to us, so in the future we're thinking about implementing polls submitted to the community on important topics such as Credits and game economy. Stay tuned for more news about this!Play MGG and win a gift -> If the gift link doesn't work: copy the link into a browser on your computer


NEW MUTANT CONCEPT ART Psy Captains,Here is the concept art of a new mutant, made by our graphic designer Antoine, which will be released soon! What do you think of it, Psy Captains?Play MGG and win a gift -> If the gift link doesn't work: copy the link into a browser on your computer


✦ EVOLUTION CENTER PROMOTIONS! ✦Psy Captains,Only 48 hours to benefit from Evolution Center promotions in Gold AND Credits!Don't miss your chance to level-up and bring your mutants to a whole new level!So, what is your tech center level now?Come discover those offers -> If the gift link doesn't work: copy the link into a browser on your computer


✦ WEEKLY UPDATE ✦Psy Captains,Genetic City is taking advantage of a sunny spell to give you a preview of what's on the horizon:- Various feedback on the Sneak peek of the upcoming balancing update:Following the release on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, we've compiled recurring questions from the community. While each balancing update is carefully thought through in advance and considers many factors that are sometimes less visible to players, we're still listening to Psy-Captains. Bounty Hunter:Bounty Hunter was for some time offered to players as a mutant somewhat apart, given that he was a monogenic mutant out of the early generations.Since then, we have added Drudge Zombie, Barbarian, Ossembly, Sidereal Explorer, Summoner, and Howlosaurus. All these mutants have been made more readily available at prices comparable to those of other mutants from the same release period, so the increased production of Credits by Bounty Hunter was no longer justified.While Bounty Hunter's Credits production will be reduced, other mutants will produce more to compensate.Mutants that will see their production rebalanced upwards include Midas and Cr€$u$, as well as some exclusive, event-related mutants (such as Giganto-Moai). Mutants in upcoming events will also generate more Credits! Big Bo$ and Banker will not see their production reduced. This pass rebalances the production of Credits, which currently favors the excessive use of Bounty Hunters, which is unhealthy for the game.- New mutant:Stop right there! An exemplary mutant will soon be laying down the law in the arenaWith their inflexible flow management skills, you'll have to stay in line to avoid the fatal blow!- Worker's Week:A week of offers and an exclusive version of a felinoid not to be missed in early May.- Evolution Center:Psy-Captains' favorite promotion is just around the corner!- Mutants Madness:Try your luck and challenge the Machine during the ongoing Mutants Madness weekend.Take care, Psy-Captains!Play MGG and win a gift -> If the gift link doesn't work: copy the link into a browser on your computer


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