Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Mutants Genetic Gladiators: How to Earn Resources

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Mutants Genetic Gladiators: How to Earn Resources Learn how to earn resources like Gold, Reactor Tokens, Jackpot Tokens and more. I hope these tips will help new players like me.

How to Earn Gold?

First you will start the game with a specific amount of gold. Thanks to the bingo you will be able to win Gold by collecting a maximum of Mutants. Also, in the Jackpot you will be able to try and win Gold and even maybe get the SuperJackpot by using Jackpot tokens or 10 Gold per tries.

How to Earn Reactor Tokens:

You can get Reactor tokens in each PVP season and PVE Events. You can also get some by completing lines/columns in the Bingo. Finally, you can win them in the Mutants Slots.

How to Earn Jackpot Tokens:

You can earn Jackpot Tokens in the Campaign mode after beating some of the bosses for the first time in the campaign. You can also get some by completing lines/columns in the Bingo. Completing the necessary amount of fights in the PVE or reaching the correct league in the PVP will give you access to a lot of different rewards such as Jackpot Tokens.

Also, do not forget to regularly visit the Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Bonus page, gifts are regularly offered! It can be useful to track bonuses you haven't collected yet specially if there are time you didn't play the game for so long.

How to Earn Credits:

Compounds generate Credits, depending on its gene, its size and the level of the mutants placed on it. To get the Credits generated by a compound, just click on a compound and the Credits will automatically be added to your account.

If your compound generated a certain amount of credits, you may not even have to click. Placing your mouse over a compound will transfer the credits to your account.

Note that placing your mouse on a compound without clicking also allows you to see how many Credits are generated by a specific compound.

When Do My Mutants Get New Attacks?

Every mutant in the game gets new attacks at the same levels:

  • At level 5 your mutant will gain a second attack.
  • At level 10 your first attack is upgraded.
  • At level 15 your second attack is upgraded.

Every time an attack is upgraded it becomes deadlier!

How Do I Get Elite Version Mutants?

Elite version mutants are always bread thanks to Bronze, Silver or Gold Stars. In order to do this you need to follow those basic rules:

  • To get a bronze mutant you will need to cross-breed 2 creatures of level 10 or above, adding a bronze star to your breeding.
  • To get a silver mutant you will need to cross-breed 2 bronze creatures of level 15 or above, adding a silver star to your breeding.
  • To get a Gold mutant you will need to cross-breed 2 silver creatures of level 20 or above, adding a gold star to your breeding.

Stars can be bought in-game, won in PVE and PVP as well as available when cross-breeding your mutants.

What Is A Compound, And How Does It Works?

A compound is a small square of land that you have to place on your rooftop so you can put mutants on it.

A mutant can only be placed on a compound that matches its gene. For example, a mutant that has a Necro gene can only be placed on a Necro compound. If your mutant is a double gene, for instance Necro-warrior, you will be able to place it whether on a Necro compound or a Warrior compound.

Note that compounds have different sizes, allowing you to place up to 4 creatures on it.

Earn Duplicate Reactor Mutant More Than Once:

The reactor works like a wheel of Chance. It is therefore possible to win twice the same Mutant. Also, the strongest and rarest mutants (on the right) are obviously harder to get. If there wasn't this probability then it would just be a shop. Unfortunately as this feature is based on odds, there is no guarantee how many tries you will need to get the mutant you want.

Also, as every game based on odds you will encounter bad cycles but will also necessarily encounter winning streaks, so don’t despair!

Earning a Gene in the Campaign

Completing specific campaigns can unlock Genes. This gives you the opportunity to buy the mutant and begin breeding with this new gene but doesn’t mean you will receive a mutant in your inventory. There is nothing given to the player upon completion except access to a new gene.

Playing PVE

PVE is a step by step system. Every time you win a fight, you go to the next one. Enemies get tougher and tougher every rounds. Every 10 fights you win a reward until you reach the last level at round 100. You can leave the PVE any time you want once a fight is over. When you will come back you will start where you left it.

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