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MyVEGAS Slots Free Chips

Get the most out of you chips. Play myVEGAS Slots Free Casino using these tips to get more chance of winning rewards.

  • How to Redeem myVegas Mobile Promo Codes?
  • How to Easily Get more Free Chips?
  • Synchronize your Facebook myVEGAS Slots Progress on Mobile


How to Redeem myVegas Mobile Promo Codes?

Promo codes redeem for FREE Chips in myVEGAS Slots and myVEGAS Blackjack on your mobile device!

  • From the main menu in myVEGAS Slots or myVEGAS Blackjack, slide up the System Menu from the bottom left corner.
  • Look for the icon that looks like a coupon being cut out. 
  • Enter your promo code and Redeem/Validate.
  • Enjoy your free chips! They will be automatically added to your account balance.


How to Easily Get more Free Chips?

Checkout myVEGAS Slots Free Chips page your one stop destination for all promo free chips.  All bonus came from myVEGAS Slots offcial promo and Facebook Players newsfeed. Check it regularly get some extra chips.


Synchronize your Facebook myVEGAS Slots Progress on Mobile

If you connect to Facebook, all of your progress and balances will be backed up and linked with your Facebook profile. This means that if you get a new device you can simply reinstall our app, connect to Facebook, and pick up your game right where you left off!

If you do not connect to Facebook before disconnecting your old device, you will have to begin a new game on your new device. Facebook connection is required to purchase rewards, but it is the only way save your game in the even that your device is lost, damaged or disabled.

If you are logged out of your Facebook connection it may appear as if your game has been reset. To restore your game progress and chips and loyalty balances please do the following:

  1. Log into Facebook on your device via the app or the mobile browser

  2. Launch our app on your device

  3. Use the lower left Facebook button to connect to Facebook and confirm your Facebook account

If you did not previously connect to Facebook, we cannot restore your anonymous game. 

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I love myvegas slots

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