Ninja Saga Ninja Saga Level up Cheat for 60+

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Ninja Saga Cheat for Level 60 & 62 Mission will help you level up fast without getting ban. This Cheat uses Fiddler 2 download here 

This cheat is old and might not work anymore. Feel free to like or dislike and post comments

Cheat Guide:

  1. Download the cheat files here:  and Extract the Zip file
  2. Open your Fiddler. 
  3. Click AutoResponder. Thick Enable automatic reponses and Unmatched request passthrough
  4. Drag mission_214 and mission_215 to the AutoResponder tab
  5. Clear your Web Cache. Login to facebook and play Ninja Saga Then play Level 60 & 62 Missions. See the Results!

Tips: Use GhostMouse to level up fast! :) It will work like a bot!

Note: Use this cheat every 20 seconds to avoid Reloading the Game.

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Its Okey




plss help




level 60


emblemm pliss

token 100000000 level 100 gold 1000000000000000

thats true


Its Okey

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