Ninja Saga Ninja Saga One Hit Kill Cheat using Cheat Engine

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Ninja Saga Cheat One Hit Kill Attack using Cheat Engine will allow you to kill enemies in one hit using weapon or normal attacks jutsu and skills does not apply.


You will need the following:

How to use "Ninja Saga Cheat One Hit Kill Attack" Cheat:

  1. Play Ninja Saga on Facebook
  2. Select your character
  3. Open Cheat Engine and select the correct process
  4. Download and Extract the Cheat File download here ->
  5. Open the Cheat File on Cheat Engine
  6. Enable the Cheat. Click the Box below the cheat engine.
  7. Start killing, Fight some boss



The cheat is simple it replace the codes:

SEARCH: A2 25 E8 07 A3 A2 46

REPLACE: A2 25 E8 07 A0 A0 46

You don't need the cheat file if you know how to search and replace codes in cheat engine, just use the codes above.

This cheat is old and might not work anymore. Feel free to like or dislike and post comments.

Got the new codes? Share it below post comments.

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