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Hi my name is Debra Lynn Broughton Love playing Old Vegas slots been playing for years. Hope that I can get some help with  

this game site Love it play all day and night !! That is if I have enough credits to play.Just learning how to go about this on getting extra 

credits and Bonus guess I will learn along the way. Thank you for letting me join.


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 bonus pls

Can't figure out I have been playing the new Panda game everyday since it came out and have not had a bonus yet.  Whats going on Old Vegas slots.  indecision

Love to play these slots, but what is going on.....U use to be number # on Facebook, but lately your pay outs have not been good with me at all.  Loosen up your machines.  indecision

i like a lot to play this game


Game is stuck on Loading! Having withrawels wanting to play


i love this game.....

I love this game,give me gredit to play

hi i have been playing ovs for about 4-5 years i had it all the way to over 300,000 it took me quite a while to get there started at 50 then 500 then 1000 all of a sudden 3 times i hit the bar 300,000 gone i really think your the only game that has the buttons like they do i know its my fault but the go button and the max button are side by side very unhappy right now its loke dont even want to look at game right now  ok just letting you know how i was feeling

Love it

Love the game

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