Pool Live Tour Cheat Pool Live Tour All Hacks: Wins, Long Aim & Old Cue

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Pool Live Tour Cheat Engine .CT File All Hacks includes: Always Win, Long Aim and Buy Old Cue.

Required Tools for Pool Live Tour All Hacks:

How to use the Pool Live Tour All Hacks:

  1. Open Pool Live Tour on Facebook https://apps.facebook.com/pool-live/
  2. Download the cheat here https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BygdE8FUE-2sTzRvdkYwZ3RrRWc&export=download
  3. Load the Cheat File on Cheat Engine. Click File -> Load (Open the .CT File)
  4. Go to Cheat Engine and click File -> Open Process
  5. Select the second Flash Player plugin container of firefox (The correct process is the one with bigger memory usage. check your task manager.)
  6. Enable the Cheats. In your cheat engine memory table Select all and enable cheats
  7. Go back to Pool Live Tour and use the hacks.

This cheat might be old but if your desperate it's worth a try.

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