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I know there has to to be

Cheats & Hacks

In the bonus games like the win Zones or the Wizard of Oz,. Fire and ice, chili pepper, Pot of Gold, and the cats is there a secret or a hack the allows you

  • Posted by Lavona36
  • 3,972
  • 3

Pop slots

Tips & Tricks

How do I stop duplicates of bonus? There were 3 so far and when I got to the third one it said sorry it has expired even though I only activated two of them.

  • Posted by we3lsc
  • 16,175
  • 12

Bonus chips

Tips & Tricks

I try to get bonus chips daily and Every time I try to get them it will say collect and I do but it does not go on my balance..What do I do?Trying to find out

  • Posted by Firecracker4078
  • 13,258
  • 3

Free bonus chips

Cheats & Hacks

Ok once again I clicked on a free bonus award of 4 million chips I followed each step.and i watched the chips flow into my chips title but the amount that I had

  • Posted by Sfcgeo
  • 38,311
  • 56


Cheats & Hacks

I'm always low on money. I cant seem to have enough to play. I have less then 1,000 and then I can't continue to play. How do I get alot of money added

  • Posted by Rebecca86
  • 13,043
  • 10

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