Rebel Galaxy Rebel Galaxy Cheats that works on Steam and GOG

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Rebel Galaxy Cheats All in One 

Includes the following 13 cheats & hacks for steam and gog (Good Old Games) Releases:

  1. Infinite Health
  2. Infinite Deflectors
  3. Infinite Booster Rockets
  4. No Overheating (Turrets)
  5. Rapid Fire (Turrets)
  6. Infinite Ammo (Missiles)
  7. Instant Cooldown (Missles)
  8. Instant Charge (Missiles)
  9. Toggle Warp 
  10. Change Status
  11. Set Rasputin Credits
  12. Component Editor
  13. Reputation Editor

Download Rebel Galaxy Cheats for Steam

Download here:

Download Rebel Galaxy Cheats for GOG (Good Old Games)

Download here:

Cheat Updates:

  • Reputation Editor - Added: Citizenay, System Militia, Red Devil Cartel, Double Jack Thugs and Korian Outsiders.
  • Component Editor - Added: Engine Speed, Booster's Boost Duration & Acceleration and Cargo Hold Capacity

For Guide & Tips try the Rebel Galaxy Spacehip Complete List

New Cheat Table for Version 1.7 on Steam:

Download here:

Rebel Galaxy Cheats & Hacks for the above file:

  • Unimited Cash (You can edit it manually)
  • Infinite boost 
  •  Max Armour and Max Shields - Grants invincibility but lightning storms can still damage you.
  • Turret cooldown and recycle mod (Yeah, no more overheating) it effects broadsides, make sure to click them faster 
  • Boost mod & Tractor beam mod - speed and acceleration cheat; Tractor can fetch stuff from extra far distance
  • Broadside Cheat - charge bonus;  0.25+ to whatever you set it to...

If you are willing to do the "GRIND" and don't want to use these hacks, try this Rebel Galaxy Money Cheats & Tips

How to use Rebel Galaxy Cheat Table File?

This cheats uses Cheat Engine. You don’t need to Install Cheat Engine just download the “No Setup Version Here”. Extract the rar file and go to the folder and open Cheat Engine. 

  1. Open your cheat engine
  2. Open Rebel Galaxy
  3. Press ALT + TAB. Go to Cheat Engine Window
  4. Click the First Icon "Select a process to open" then select Rebel Galaxy Process (RebelGalaxyGOG.exe or RebelGalaxySteam.exe) and Click Open
  5. Click the second Icon "Open a cheat table or unprotected cetrainer" or Press CTRL + O
  6. Select the file that you have downloaded above
  7. Below memory view is the cheat table. Select the cheats that you want to enable (Click the Box beside the Cheat Name)
  8. Go back to Rebel Galaxy, try out the cheats you enable.

Rebel Galaxy Cheats that works on Steam and GOG

Rebel Galaxy Cheat Notes:

This will serve as a guide for heavy cheat engine users only. Some of the cheats, in order for them to work you need to do the following:

  • Set Rasputin Credits - Dock, and visit the "Equipment Bay" to initialize the pointer. 
  • Toggle Warp - When activated, toggle with ( Numpad . + Numpad 1 ). This hotkey is only to turn it on, you'll have to exit warp mode the same way you normally do. 
  • No Overheating (Turrets) - PAUSE THE GAME, activate the script, enter the amount of turrets you have, and then unpause, you'll see the number reset to 0, thats fine. If it ever stops working, just repeat the steps. 
  • Reputation Editor - Activate the script, go kill something that would effect someones rep (preferably an enemy cause allies will turn on you if you hit them), you should see that the pointers have initialized. Range is from float -1000 to 1000 where 0 is perfectly in the middle neutral. Change the number, and cause their rep to change again to take effect. Example go to Red Devils base, killed one of their big ships, initializing the pointers. Changed the pointer for Red Devils to 1000 (friendly), and killed another one of their ships to make it stick. After the second kill, everybody on Red Devil turned friendly and stopped trying to kill you. 
  • Component Editor - Take a screenshot of your default values in case you need to go back. This is a real time editor, which means use it in game (at this point you can fly around and stuff). Play around with the numbers as you see fit, with high enough numbers, you could literally fly at the speed of light. You'll have to do a little math, but I provided the equations for you so yeah, have fun. In the event that you don't remember your default values, no biggie, just redock, and install the components again. 

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Discuss Rebel Galaxy Cheats that works on Steam and GOG


Is the GOG download link dead?

I'm using the Origin version 1.8b and neither of the files worked for me. However, if editing the files I found that they referred to the process as "rebelgalaxySTEAM.exe" or "rebelgalaxyGOG.exe". So by simply replacing the process names in the .CT to what my process is called, "rebelgalaxy.exe" I got the 1.7 steam version file to work, though i have yet to use all cheats, the cash editor worked.

Do we know if this still works today?  I'm unable to complete Step 7 in the guide, unable to set any of the cheats to Active 

Works on Patch 1.041 devil

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