Red Crucible: Firestorm Red Crucible Firestorm: Tips for Sniping

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Are you having trouble using your sniper rifle in Red Crucible Firestorm? Well, you came to the right place.

Red Crucible Firestorm: Tips for Sniping

Choose your Weapon

If you don't have the sniper that fits you the most, then you might not get the best score. Most of the snipers perform the same way in this game, but sometimes there are a few perks that some snipers have. Either way, it comes down to your preference.

Be Patient

You can't go to the front lines with a sniper, that's not how sniping works! You need to be far away from your enemy, far enough so that he can't see you, but far enough so that you can take him out easily.

When using a silenced sniper (especially beast g or xbow), It can be very tactically advantageous to be behind enemy lines. Its always easier to hit someone from behind their hiding spot than in front of it.. If you know a good spot to hide with room to run if needed, this can be a very effective way to deny an area of the map. 

Pick your targets carefully

Moving targets are hard to take down, so wait for them to stand still or pick off stationary targets. Tank passengers, stationary minigun users, and those who are capturing objectives are the most common targets for snipers.


If you're wearing winter camoflague in a desert enviroment, you'll stick out like a pickle in a basket of grapes. Wearing the wrong camoflague can get you killed at times, so if you want to stay alive, blend in.

Your Secondary 

If you get ambushed or discovered, you need a reliable weapon to take them out. An automatic secondary is recommended, those like the UZI, MAC-10, and MP5 are solid choices. Remember, switching to your sidearm is ALWAYS faster than reloading.

Tip: Just so you know, close quarters sniping is very much possible. Use the VSS, it is a fast firing and low recoil sniper with low power scope, so you can use it against players with Assault and Support classes.

Defending your spot

If you're gonna get ambushed or backstabbed, plant a couple of claymores. An unsuspecting enemy can trigger your defenses and that can tell you that an enemy has breached your location.


Remember, you're not the ONLY sniper in the field. Other have snipers of their own, and can use them against you. If they are clueless about your position, you can simply sneak up on them and put a knife in them.


If you're playing in a vehicle map, tanks and APCs can be a pain. Remind them not to mess with you by throwing down an anti-tank mine, it'll stop every vehicle in it's tracks. If you're dealing with helicopters, stationary miniguns are also a viable option too.

Denying the enemy resources

If you really want to be mean, you can deny the enemy ammunition by planting the respective mine at the location. This also works in Attack & Defend mode, where unsuspecting enemies will attempt to disarm the bomb/arm the bomb at all costs. If they attempt to, they'll get an explosive surprise.

Staying hidden

Camoflague was just the beginning. Having a silenced weapon will conceal your position on the radar, which is nice to have. It's better to stay in the shadows than to have a bunch of enemies on your tail.


If you stay in the same spot for too long, you can expect a barrage of grenades, rockets, and a bunch of unhappy players headed your way. Switch to your sidearm when moving to a different position just in case you encounter an unexpected opposition.

Warning About Sniping in Red Crucible Firestorm

  • No matter where you are you always have a tree, a branch, a truck, a car, a hedge and all kind of obstacles that don't allow you to see. The only places where you can see most are the ones where you are exposed most.
  • I'm tired when firing a gun, any gun, and your bullet hits a invisible obstacle that protudes from the place you are hidding. However your enemy STILL becomes aware that you are firing at him and his bullets go THROUGH the same spot beautifully and they kill you.
  • In many war games there is a control for your breathing. That is you can "HOLD" your breath. My avatar when snipping looks like he just finished a 10 mile crosscountry and is still trying to catch his breath. Scope goes up and down like an Oil pump. 
  • Rough invisible hitboxes blocks a lot of my shots a lot and sometimes gets me killed.

More Weapon Tips:

  1. MP5 is good for Favela and Kiev(CQB) - Shoots fast and accurately.
  2. VSK94 is good for Favela, A7 Autobahn and Kiev - I recommend this weapon because it has a silencer and is very precise.
  3. G3 Sniper is good for A7 Autobahn, Kiev, Frankfurt and Sandstorm (except Sandstorm in some cases) - It's accurately and have a good scope (perfect for aim in the head). if it is good with it, you can kill up moving targets.
  4. M16 Sniper is good for A7 Autobahn, Kiev, Frankfurt and Sandstorm, is accurately and have a high fire rate(for a semi-auto), you can kill fast.
  5. AK Sniper is perfect, accurately and is 2 shot kill, I recommend especially for A7 Autobahn, Kiev, Frankfurt and Sandstorm (but in Sandstorm it's hard to kill).
  6. Kar98k is perfect for all arenas( except CQB arenas).
  7. If your using crossbow, you can go straight to the front lines.. its got a great rate of fire, one shot kill and great noscope cover area.. i use it on favela and can usually get a pretty decent score.


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