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Red Crucible Firestorm tips on how to improve your skills on KEIV. Try these weapon combination and strategies without using any cheats or hacks.

Red Crucible: Firestorm Tips Cheats Hacks

Weapon Combination

  • Weapons for use: M4 Seal G + G + Venom Kukri or Tomahawk Or also Nakita + Scorpion + Fang
  • Consumables: Claymores, Mobile Spawm Point, Grenades, Smokes Grenade, Molotoves
  • Use a gun like the VsVal, Ultimax 100, L1A1, PKMG. Those are really effective. If you are still a lower level playing with level 35s use the VsVal or Ultimax. 
  • GPMG is much better than PKMG. Better iron sights, much more controllable recoil, and overall better visibility. GPMG and VsVal are the best class weapons to use in Kiev for overall good performance.


Using Strategies (No Hacking or Cheating)

  • Always try to kill the guys who get on the ladder in Center of Kiev, which gives access to the Red Base, and if you're in Team Blue, always try to dominate these stairs, in case you get stuck without being able to leave the Base, use Air Strike that can help a lot if require a more extensive Tactical!‚Äč
  • Get the saiga and longer range secondary like wolverine, or dragula, cause saiga have short range and sometimes you need long shots and use claymore's in more used place's like stairs and other where enemys coming.
  • Don't feed the campers find a new way out to flank them. If you have lots of coins Get the hellraiser
  • When you've been blocked off, learn not to run into the enemy. that's one of the mistakes people make, sometimes patience pays off. Make the enemy come to you, With that said, those who controls the upper deck in Kiev controls the game.

Above all tips. Use Boosts.

Using boost, will "Enchant" weapons like AKM with this you can get a streak on kiev for months...

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