Scatter Slots - Slot Machines NEED MORE COINS...

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Need more friends. Add me on Facebook. Vince Cobra and send a message so I know. Needing the 5 friends for the hourly. Any tips on more income or whatever feel free to hit me up. Thanks and happy gambling

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Need4 friends
Need 4 friends please
I need friends also connect us I don't know how

Thank u!

Hello everyone I'm cyndy and I ND 4 friends to add lol I've been playing since 2012 . I'm crazy for my gam8ng they help me deal with pain , depression and stree I know I'd be far more crazier than I already am if it weren't for my games to help take my mind off everything  they are my escape. Thanks for being my new friends I hope Happy gaming everyone! If ND any advice on any of the games levels just maybe I can help I would be glad too ! I'm on level 572 after having to start again because my Facebook account was stolen in 2019 . So who knows what level I'd be on now if that hadn't have happened. 

Need 5 friends please 

Going to add you..
Love game
Need 5 friends for hourly Brent Schell
need 5 friends for the hourly casper wason on facebook

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