Hello in figured out a new glitch where you can collect yir 2 hour bonus in 10 seconds or less guarantee. I will not share this glitch for free u must have paypal im seeling the glitch with detail pictures for $8 if your interested you can email me at [email protected] we can talk after purchase I sent a easy detailed guide with pics on how ton perform this glitch. I'm sure it will get fixed at one point but not many know about this. I collected 50 million in about 10 min easy I'm level 72.Or you can text meor call 207-779-8481
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You should be banned from the game. Why should you make money off this? There's a lot of glitches in the game. You just need to watch how it works.  If anyone pays you they are mad. 

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I agree, anybody is a fool to pay you for information in the game, we should share this free of charge to help your fellow neighbor. You should be ashamed.
True you shouldn't have to pay im not paying I will figure it out
Hi sexy. Did u by chance find a reason for the glitch because I have the same issue.
Do you realize that you are committing a crime, and it is punishable by both fine, jail time, and opens you up to being sued. I suggest to you to remove this post asap, and hope that no one has reported you yet. I'm not talking trash, I'm simply trying to let you know before you get into real life trouble!
Or you can go ahead and listen to me everybody if you're playing on a cell phone set your time two hours ahead and you can collect your bonus and keep doing that every 2 hours you'll collect your bonus so don't listen to this guy who wants you to pay $8
If you're playing on a cell phone you can go ahead and set your clock 2 hours ahead and you can keep doing that and you will get your bonus in just a few seconds and to let you know when you can do it as many times as you would like right now I'm up to about 150 million and I only had 4 million 30 minutes ago

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