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Sunshine Bay Tricks & Guides

Learn more about Sunshine Bay on how to earn resources like cash, materials and in-game tricks that will help you playing.

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Welcome Sunshine Bay Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Sunshine Bay

Boats over Houses! Have you ever dreamed of living on your own boat? It’s very tempting; you could go on a trip across the sea at any moment! However, yacht residents encounter numerous problems like plumbing, electrical supply, and so on. Of course, that’s all too trivial for a real adventure-seeker. Would you consider living on a boat? If so, what city would you choose as your home port?

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Sunshine Bay

Captains, open the pirate chest of amazing offers! Don’t miss your chance to get in-game currency at unbelievably great prices!

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Sunshine Bay

Can a sailboat move faster than the wind? You bet! When a boat is sailing by the wind, its maximum speed is equal to the speed of the wind. Once it reaches this speed, the wind stops putting pressure on the sails. But what if the wind is blowing at an angle? The air current flows around the sails, creating some lift capacity. This also maintains constant pressure on the sails that doesn’t decrease as the boat speeds up. Modern catamarans utilize this neat trick very actively and their sails often look more like airplane wings.

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Sunshine Bay

Hey-hey, Captains! Do you have a case of the Mondays, or are you full of pep and ready to take on the world? Do you have any specific plans for the week ahead? It’s time for #MondayTalks – tell us what’s on your mind in the comments below. Also, make sure to claim our gift; it’ll help you start off the week

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Sunshine Bay

Develop your #SunshineBay faster – expand your territory with a discount when purchasing with Sunshine Cash!

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Sunshine Bay

A good partnership is a key to running a successful business. Play together with your friends - they are the best partners in developing your island! To find the new ones, just leave an 'Add Me' message in the comment section below

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Sunshine Bay

Did you know that? National flags used to have various shapes, but things changed greatly when the Age of Sail began. Rectangular flags with two or more horizontal or vertical stripes were easy to distinguish in the sea and easy to place atop the mast. In time, this became the typical shape of flags, first in Europe and then all over the world, with only three exceptions: the flag of Nepal and the square flags of the Vatican and Switzerland.

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Sunshine Bay

Captains, open the pirate chest of amazing offers! Don’t miss your chance to get in-game currency at unbelievably great prices!

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Sunshine Bay

Dear Captains! We’re conducting technical maintenance, and the game is currently unavailable for play. It should take us about one hour to finish. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Sunshine Bay

️ Hints and tips in Sunshine Bay Refresh your Wishlist regularly, delete obsolete gifts after you complete events, and move the most needed items to the first slots. That way your friends will always know how to help , and they will be able to send you an item you require right now!

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Sunshine Bay

Jane the Smuggler came to #SunshineBay! Do not miss her yacht with high-value goods. Remember that you need to build a suitable mooring for her ship.

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Sunshine Bay

What is a safe port? What should a captain do if he receives information about a coming storm? The answer is easy—go to a safe port. These ports are required for vessels that are not designed to handle big waves. Often they’re created in natural bays and lagoons, but sometimes they’re completely artificial. Distances between safe ports are calculated so ships could reach at least one of them before a storm, regardless of their position at sea.

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Sunshine Bay

"Do you want to build these unique buildings on your island? Hurry to the game then because today you can purchase them at a discount! Take up this offer, you don’t get a golden chance like this every day!"

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Sunshine Bay

Is the blue whale really the biggest creature on Earth? Captains, what do you think—are there any creatures in the deep seas bigger then the blue whale? You’re probably thinking of the legendary Kraken, but what about creatures not found in stories? The answer isn't an easy one: it’s а jellyfish! While the Cyanea jellyfish may not be bigger than the blue whale, it’s definitely longer; the tentacles of the biggest known specimen were 120 ft long, and scientists believe it was not the largest of its species! The further north these jellyfish live, the bigger they grow. So, in the Arctic Ocean where Cyanea Arctica lives, we can find ones with tentacles about 147 ft long and with a bell more than 8 ft in diameter! You’d better avoid meeting such a monster…

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Sunshine Bay

The Harmony and Beauty adventure has started in Sunshine Bay! ➡ This season, classical themes are in style, but shopping in Greece or Rome is obviously too unoriginal. We need something more creative and unusual! Yesterday Adele’s archeologist friends told the her that a temple dedicated to Venus, the Greek goddess of love and beauty , was built somewhere there in ancient times, but it was swallowed by the sea long ago. Here’s a golden chance for adventure! Adele is sure that we can find wonderful jewelry on the seafloor. They say this magic gold can bring beauty and harmony to all the girls on the island.☺ We need your help, brave captains! Launch your mini-sub right away!

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Sunshine Bay

Hello, Captains! How’s your Monday going? What Plans Do You Have For The Week? Let’s start #MondayTalks in the comments! Here’s a gift for you to start off the week right

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Enjoy your stay on the tropical island: luxurious yachts, sun, waves, secrets and great company!

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