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Sunshine Bay

What is a safe port? What should a captain do if he receives information about a coming storm? The answer is easy—go to a safe port. These ports are required for vessels that are not designed to handle big waves. Often they’re created in natural bays and lagoons, but sometimes they’re completely artificial. Distances between safe ports are calculated so ships could reach at least one of them before a storm, regardless of their position at sea.

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Sunshine Bay

Captains, today we want to talk about hurricanes! Not everyone knows, but they can form only at sea, never above solid ground. A hurricane collects a huge amount of moisture and takes it to a coast line along with a big wave called a storm surge. These surges appear due to low pressure beneath hurricanes: some water literally gets raised above sea level, and forms a tsunami-like wave.

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Sunshine Bay

How strong can a current be? One of the most powerful and fascinating tidal currents in the world is Saltstraumen. You can watch this astonishing natural phenomenon in a narrow channel near the town of Bodø. The speed of the current is about 40 kilometers per hour, which forms great swirls 5 meters deep and up to 12 meters in diameter. You can enjoy this nature wonder several times a day—it happens every 6 hours!

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Sunshine Bay

What’s In the Bottle? In the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries, England had a law whereby anyone who dared open a sealed bottle fished from the sea or found on the coast could be sentenced to death. To read these messages, Queen Elizabeth I created an official position called “‘Uncorker of Ocean Bottles’”. The bottles could contain messages from British spies: such secrets could not be entrusted to just anyone!

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Sunshine Bay

Captains, did you know that the tourists visiting your tropical island can generate some hefty profits? Take a look at the people swimming in your waters. Tap a swimmer, and you’ll get a coin! One coin is not that much, but you know what they say: watch the pennies, and the pounds will watch themselves.

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Sunshine Bay

Your Favorite Yacht Captains, which of the Sunshine Bay yachts is your favorite? Which one do you choose to ply the oceans blue? Which model ensnared you with its stylish looks and super stats: the Mirage Yacht, the Cruise Yacht or maybe something else? Tell us your stories in the comments below and say what destinations you choose most often for sea voyages!

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Sunshine Bay

A good partnership is a key to running a successful business. Play together with your friends - they are the best partners in developing your island! To find the new ones, just leave an 'Add Me' message in the comment section below.

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Sunshine Bay

Happy New Year! Captains, we wish you a very happy New Year: may it bring you joy and luck, and take you to the shores you’ve been dreaming of, no matter how distant they are. May all your dreams come true in 2019!

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Sunshine Bay

Fun Fact What do a lighthouse and a butterfly have in common? A lighthouse on the Stonington peninsula in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan plays an important role in the migration of Monarch butterflies. Each year at the end of summer or the beginning of fall, it becomes a stop-off point for thousands of butterflies who rest there before continuing on their long journey. Speaking of lighthouses, what level is yours in Sunshine Bay? Post your answer in the comments below!

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Sunshine Bay

Merry Christmas! Captains, we wish you all a Merry Christmas! We hope for Lady Fortune to look kindly upon you, so the winds may always be fair and blow your troubles away. Make your loved ones happy and share this holiday joy with them!

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Sunshine Bay

Did you know? Captains, have you heard of the shallowest sea in the world? It’s the Sea of Azov. It’s average depth is 24 feet, and the maximum depth is only 44 feet. However, this body of water holds other records as well. For instance, it’s the most continental sea on Earth—due to its remoteness from the Atlantic Ocean—and it is the most biologically productive sea in the world!

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Sunshine Bay

Can a sea have no shores? You bet! Here’s a riddle for all you captains out there: what sea lies in the middle of the ocean, but doesn’t touch a single shore? Give up? It’s the Sargasso Sea! It’s “shores” are powerful Atlantic currents that rotate the waters of the sea clockwise. There are really spooky legends about this sea among sailors. Some say that it is completely covered with seaweed, and the ships that get trapped there never return to their home shores. That’s the reason why the Sargasso Sea is also sometimes called The Ship Graveyard. Of course, today things are very different, even though this region was dangerous for sailboats in the Middle Ages, it isn’t so much now. The Sargasso Sea is a wonderful world inhabited by lots of various fish, and sparks a lot of interest among marine biologists.

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Sunshine Bay

Did you know? The Red Sea is not only the warmest sea in the world, it’s also the saltiest sea connected to the ocean. It is also the only sea without rivers flowing into it. The underwater life in the Red Sea is abundant to say the least, and it offers some of the best diving experiences all-year round.

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Sunshine Bay

Jane the Smuggler came to #SunshineBay! Do not miss her yacht with high-value goods. Remember that you need to build a suitable mooring for her ship.

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Sunshine Bay

Did you know? Captains, not long ago we told you about the saltiest sea on Earth. Many of you have wondered in the comments why we didn’t mention the Dead Sea. The answer is simple; the Dead Sea, as well as the Caspian Sea, are technically endorheic lakes, because they do not connect to other bodies of water, and the only water consumption in them is due to evaporation.

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