Tales of Zestiria Tales of Zestiria 24 Cheats in 1 Cheat Table

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24 Cheats in Tales of Zestiria that will make your gaming more fun!

Tales of Zestiria Cheats

All 24 Cheats are included in 1 Cheat Table download here: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BygdE8FUE-2sNkZiQTdOY3NDN00&export=download

  1. Unlimited Hit Points - Never take damage 
  2. Unlimited Hit Points + 1-hit KO - Never take damage, kill things instantly. 
  3. Unlimited Spirit Chain - Never run out of SC. 
  4. Select Enemy for OHKO - Select an enemy with Tab, then OHKO them. 
  5. Infinite BG Sets in-battle BG to 9. Does not give you the achievement. 
  6. EXP Multiplier - Any integer multiplier, does not show in battles. 
  7. Monster Kills - Mob Kill multiplier 
  8. Battle Results - Change the final results. Also has an EXP multiplier and a Gald multiplier. 
  9. Grade - Change what contributes towards your Grade. Multiplier for the most-effective Grade stat: Foes Defeated at Once.
  10. Super Sprint - Windstep running out? Who needs it. (don't set it too high or stuff might break) 
  11. Shop - How much you've spent determines their rank towards you.
  12. Infinite Water Cloak - Makes the Water Temple a bit easier to manage
  13. Enemy Book - Mouseover pointer to kills, can set to 200 (max) 
  14. Difficulty - Change difficulty (Warning: Do NOT set this to a difficulty you have not unlocked) 
  15. Difficulty Battles - You need 300 Hard wins to unlock Insane, and 400 Insane wins to unlock Chaos. Or, now, 0. 
  16. Lord of the Lands Grade - Why give them items or farm mobs when you could just edit it. Set these high to unlock extra stuff in NG+ NG+ Grade Shop 
  17. Info - Gald, Meals, Playtime 
  18. Party Members & Stats - Also includes follower IDs - have any two followers (ever wanted 3 Soreys running around?) 
  19. Items - Infinite Items, Unlock All, or just set quantity manually for any item (Consumables, Snacks, Valuables and Fashion) 
  20. Outfit - Ever wanted to run around wearing Mikleo's clothes and Rose's hair? Too bad, people will give you odd looks. 
  21. Battle Actions - Choose as many BAs as you want, modify the conditions for unlocking them, or just unlock them all! 
  22. Support Talents - Select a talent, then set it to max level. Or freeze Preparation to 0 and make items with every step! 
  23. Titles - Level up your titles with no grinding needed 
  24. Equipment Editor - Customize your gear to your heart's content 

Cheat Updates:

  • Added Artes & Arte Usage -   a Max Arte Usage that sets all skills to 10k usage (Affects only the selected character in Arte screen)
  • Location Editor - Includes Save & Load location (Press Num 7 to Save, Num 8 to Load. This cheat cannot load from a previous area (ie, map change)) 

How to use Tales of Zestiria Cheat Table File?

This cheats uses Cheat Engine. You don’t need to Install Cheat Engine just download the “No Setup Version Here http://www.cheatengine.org/download/cheatengine64_NoSetup.rar ". Extract the rar file and go to the folder and open Cheat Engine. 

  1. Open your cheat engine
  2. Open Tales of Zestiria
  3. Press ALT + TAB. Go to Cheat Engine Window
  4. Click the First Icon "Select a process to open" then select Tales of ZestiriaProcess (Tales of Zestiria.exe) and Click Open
  5. Click the second Icon "Open a cheat table or unprotected cetrainer" or Press CTRL + O
  6. Select the Cheat File you have downloaded here https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BygdE8FUE-2sNkZiQTdOY3NDN00&export=download
  7. Below memory view is the cheat table. Select the cheats that you want to enable (Click the Box beside the Cheat Name)
  8. Go back to Tales of Zestiria, try out the cheats you enable.

This Cheats works on Steam Version.

Note: Infinite Item usage is godly. You will get the status items at the start LOL. smiley

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Discuss Tales of Zestiria 24 Cheats in 1 Cheat Table


The table is outdated, the cheat other than a few. The rest cannot work.

wheres select procrss to open


I got the table loaded, game running, but when I click a checkbox the boxes that drop down below it (i guess the effects of the cheat, or item/stat values, etc...) are un-checkable.

New Download link available https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0BygdE8FUE-2sNkZiQTdOY3NDN00&export=download

link is dead, can you renew it?

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