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Vegas Downtown Slots

Hi every one.  I have been on and off this site for a while and finally joined.  Lvl 144 and i have never had my coin count over 3hundred mill.  I do not

  • Posted by DianaDianaDiana
  • 8,363
  • 18

How do you get free status upgrades?

Any way to get status upgrades? I can get the free coins but the status stays the same and the level meter at timers doesn't move so a way to increase the

  • Posted by RickPianga
  • 7,948
  • 37

Change your bet frequently

Seems to help me anyway. Also I like to play 1,000,000 bets. Do much better. Won a billion not long ago. Also seems that when you open a new machine if a big

  • Posted by SvenSvendsen
  • 5,872
  • 39

Vegas Downtown slots support

Playing the game for a while, but it's bad. I have 12 support tickets open since november. Reason are bugs after payment: no cards, no extra 48 hours. Their

  • Posted by Dwarkje
  • 1,799
  • 2



  • Posted by DianaDianaDiana
  • 2,733
  • 11

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Welcome Vegas Downtown Slots Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Auto Collect

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Link For Free Coins On Facebook Just Sends Me To Play Store

  • Started by: Rab90
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The Playtica Connect

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Journey Cards

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Is it just us, or does #EVERYTHING looks like BBQ food? ​Perhaps we had too many hotdogs this holiday... ​Solve the equation below for a UNIQUE Tile Pack & claim your SHINY Free Coins >>​[0]=AZWocAL_5alb_9a71891N7AJWcTczSqKaC7LVt1ZDfoQ-MZ0ziQ-A3AnQlsLolDrvkCeA_ifQMss0H1yfHco-dqMCKjXGyQlODyyIB7DXJj7oRBlJQ2ziZaJxj8fWNrIg0d0WSa_uTrNp1Jedqq9wiqZmQ8WtImtIniFvuQ5McR2XKnpe1xHhJkzHWtLTiWulEc&__tn__=H-R


Is it the The Director? Is it the The Celebrity Star? SO MANY QUESTIONS! On our Collection's second Case, detective Betty is interrogating suspects to find out who stole a film reel​ Read the scene in the image below, comment A or B to help Betty decide & head Downtown to join the investigation! ​After that, collect your SHINY Free Coins >> ​[0]=AZVUwRxC1D05eUkTUzmPx463NTutLh_Cf_OTjjiBxM3REt3ULm4YMiqckygyEjBM8po38hjee9V66kGiSwxndTOD1wq4glmaXqj2G6w2xAnLFF63VPk_Gs5Cinu1a8DFIECfXqn1fbHLK90tunfbdxd7B4aQ2VjGPtkeqNx-0PVvF0bCA8Fxq-DrZC0xKbKtafg&__tn__=H-R


Happy 4th of July, Downtowners! ​We hope you're having the BEST holiday! ​To make it even better, celebrate this FESTIVE day with DOUBLE Free Coins >>​[0]=AZXzMl6w2jmhqsair_9hgXu3gQz_xIqvY75dMlH27ZQSa23V3ok-VIHMUOJRvLT4D7hFTY6VdFfnvgQ_CReTQ1shtwc1muIl-bJDIDISkpT7JZtQIo0Ypj8WOR4N-sL2dXVPkDd9ErwM3DM4-qwvV0fH7bnGEQu-yN-2CmpuDKwLfLyGWb7Cu5yMBIGR-Mrotio&__tn__=H-R


It's hotdogs for us, OBVIOUSLY! ​Our FAVORITE time of the year is here and we're SO READY for our Downtown Independence Day celebrations! ​And what's a BETTER way to kick off 4th of July than with a FESTIVE BBQ? ​Tell us - what is your FAVORITE #BBQ food? ​Comment your answers below & collect your SPARKLY Free Coins >> ​[0]=AZXFBbtA5BZR9VFKzA49vWO-9KVqZZiLkUigOeYBmJq_n8O5-dJW-w90zPADi7qY19xF6yp0desAIMy2zC729nRh1VNb42JzXhHQauWczUP0u6agNrKe5ipoDGNyM2OWl66aYwT8vK9etvqHEiukLoAWuK3wz370veKEy34t14oG5xHcXQS1PaJum8cAnNR3CmY&__tn__=H-R


You can always #trust Piggy to celebrate 4th of July in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE ​What do you say? Can you guess the song based on the hints in the image below? ​Comment your answers below & collect your SHINY Free Coins >>[0]=AZXCm_lr5vdSdZKDW79QyGr-i8TCAPZkzfoA6LEAefRNTmO-rOHcGECDk5vV2oKHeIhjp5q71sq5EnLj44avtrMYn-GcjbtYqw7Cey1yfhPU0Hl6BwJMQJ1tsSJPbd_z99YvoPp3zdtayhgLZ0M79wzXUwSXyS43dnqOIqgpqa9ysLTq8n7lOiE9oTWvBj3rd2Q&__tn__=H-R


UP TO 50% MORE COINS? ​Y-E-S!​​It works like this:​Join the Club charge your Super Deal up to 50% MORE Coins Redeem your savings REPEAT!​SUPER cool, right? ​Join the Super Deal Club to save up all throughout July & claim your SHINY Free Coins >> ​[0]=AZUABXYJWI25E9RVlZLl9wtw9LNOWVLFDTPu18a3R6r5haNM3zACpZ1RxpkRyk4qkWQThfh_SNKP-I9IiygW8UJs-0q8ki4xnflzs9yz7KVkAQy23UKwJyIB9vtpxgwd2OEDh327GgZ3jPfYCLZR-Z-zVz3gQrEvluxzrgJG8BNHtC3J2_mFjcASpRdMGe8oBAE&__tn__=H-R


Only 4 days left 'til the 4th of July which means it's the PERFECT time for some #patriotic trivia ​Do you know where was the first July 4th celebration held? ​Comment the right answer for a FESTIVE Tile Pack & collect your Free Coins >>[0]=AZV3AUI2mHn-xgDmiT-rLT2LcUfosZoPBnjCR29QJr_-2oQei1Q0IvHWUXhj0Hz1XkhV_maIjpiA2zERQFhMgV9bTrqi4tV2cQmZT6Ap7OtZkRP7C5MmU2iOLV7RNmGKAA2Jypb3NdnMJ_vSP7RzY19KuG3m7EyaVth0SJ3Bo-8aXNgJ4yMXriULRPHYOfVI2f8&__tn__=H-R


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