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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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My name is Jerry. I play Wonka Slots like it's an addiction. Are there any tips or cheats on this game?

How do you get the bonus wheel while playing the game. I haven't gotten it once and I bet a lot and lose all my coins. 

I also need this information and I can't find it anywhere
Im chriswilliams and i love this game
Hi Jerry, have you done the challenges on the Tasty tour.? There is only 12 hours left and I'm on the second to last but I just don't know what Imy doing wrong..would you please help me?
My name is Jeanie..I'm new to the forum..but not to the many games on here..but I have a request for help on the Willy Wonka Slots Tasty Tour..please help me get past the second to last challenge..Thanks
I am in need of help too I am not sure on how to pass 11 on the bounce win iv already won on the bounces but what is the bounce win iv been playing for days and still can't pass it to go to the last level 12
If it is the bonus wheel, you have to play a game that awards the wheel at the correct amount. Normally a higher bet.
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Hallo euch allen

hi everyone i am michelle ludwig and i am a daily player i am at level 192 and could use some more player friends feel free to add me

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