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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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Hello everyone, this is Mazz from Cyrpus, nice to find you all :D Recently hooked :)

Hi I am Debi and I love this game! I just started playing and cannot do anything else!
Hi everyone feel free to call me breezie it's a name I got stuck with I guess because I'm a blond LOL I haven't been playing coinmaster very long but I enjoy it I do have a lot of extra cards even though I only have three completed sets LOL I will go take screenshots of everything that I have and post them if I get any response to this message I am at the level of the 50s I believe any help would be greatly appreciated and I am more than willing and happy to help anyone and send them cards I send spins and coins daily as often as the game will let me I believe this will post my given name so friend me on Facebook if you choose if not that's okay too thanks in advance to anyone that is able to help me or to let me know if they can help me with cards TTFN have a fantabulous weekend
Hello everyone need help

Hello name is Sara this is my absolute favorite app and game. 

Help me
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add me please for cards and coins and spins to send each other

I like 100 milion
Hi...I'm in, too.
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Hey what's happening... everybody

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