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Need "silver back" card from Africa

Tips & Tricks

As the title says... Could really use the Silver Back card from the Africa collection. I will send you 5 same starred cards for the one, or any other specific

  • Posted by Ddizzle
  • 601
  • 2

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Tips & Tricks

Hey I'm Valerie. Love Coin Master game. Just can ever seen to get enough spins and/or coins to finish what I'm trying to do. Whether it be completing my

  • Posted by sweetlitlenurse
  • 1,632
  • 3

card master

Tips & Tricks

i need gold cards,still need rino. looking to full out some cards man.the game gives you less as your village grow man. and it cost so much to complete before

  • Posted by CharoKing
  • 5,932
  • 22

HELP. Gold cards needed

Tips & Tricks

Hi fellow Coinmasters, Can anyone help me out, desperately needing Chocolate bar, bling bling, Viking heart, Nitro blast, jarasic plant, Sushi, Dorothy, Add

  • Posted by KylieTurvey
  • 2,771
  • 30

Gold cards

Tips & Tricks

Anybody know how to get the gold cards bling bling, coinmaster, or throne of thorns on coin master game? Just can't get the buggers.... Can anybody help

  • Posted by HeatherWood
  • 3,857
  • 28

Why no cards or pigs

Tips & Tricks

I had over 300 spins and have yet to see the pig I'm on level 28 and its been awhile since I've seen a card or collection finish. I'm getting bored

  • Posted by ShudaCuda
  • 1,394
  • 9

Tips and tricks for coin master

Tips & Tricks

Buy wooden chests they contain a lot of gold cards to help complete the card sets! I’m a newbie but been playing the game daily and every day I’m still

  • Posted by TamikaLove
  • 3,957
  • 9

Need Magical lamp

Tips & Tricks

Hi, I need a Magical Lamp from items, I have been stuck for a long time and if you could gift me one I would be very happy and I will gift you something you

  • Posted by TobiasLjungdell
  • 1,193
  • 9

How do people trade gold cards

Tips & Tricks

Hi I'm just wondering how people trade gold cards please thank you if you could help me with the following sushi rembrant excalibur winter Queen and brave

  • Posted by CharleneHolmes
  • 5,297
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Need card

Tips & Tricks

Hi everyone my name is Greg n i need a lil help if possible. I need Silver Back to complete my set, n if anyone needs cards ill help out with what i got. Just

  • Posted by GregoryCasias
  • 6,094
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