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In Need of Cards Please

Cheats & Hacks

I all - would really appreciate if anyone could help with Magical Lamp, El Tiger, Mighty Lion, Ghost Dog, Cupcake, Steampunk, Chocolate Bar and Merchant cards.

  • Posted by LisaCaronBoyano
  • 516
  • 4

In need of Spins and friends coins cards

Cheats & Hacks

I need friends to get more spins add me please any cards may help to if I got something u need and u got what I need we can trade ......I will help you as much

  • Posted by ChristinaRobert
  • 2,945
  • 34

In need of cards


Hello, my name is Melissa,  and I'm a Coin Master addict. Lol fellow players, im in need of the STEAMPUNK card to compete the Bling Bling collection and

  • Posted by MelissaAngelAda
  • 515
  • 8

Why no cards or pigs

Tips & Tricks

I had over 300 spins and have yet to see the pig I'm on level 28 and its been awhile since I've seen a card or collection finish. I'm getting bored

  • Posted by ShudaCuda
  • 421
  • 2

Tips and tricks for coin master

Tips & Tricks

Buy wooden chests they contain a lot of gold cards to help complete the card sets! I’m a newbie but been playing the game daily and every day I’m still

  • Posted by TamikaLove
  • 1,439
  • 5

Need Magical lamp

Cheats & Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Hi, I need a Magical Lamp from items, I have been stuck for a long time and if you could gift me one I would be very happy and I will gift you something you

  • Posted by TobiasLjungdell
  • 488
  • 9

Scarecrow card

News, Cheats & Hacks

I need help I need the scarecrow card can anyone help? I would be thankful n appreciated and if I have a card that you need I will send it back to you no

  • Posted by MichealOstrande
  • 501
  • 10

Will trade

Cheats & Hacks

I have extra Treasure Map,, Lucky strike,Blue Beak, Doughnut,Gummy Bear,Chocolate Truffle, Butler,Tulips. Desert Flower, Magic tree,Funky totem, Emu, Please add

  • Posted by MollieLawsonKet
  • 467
  • 4

Coinmaster Lettuce card

Cheats & Hacks

I have been trying for months to get hold of the martian lettuce card, is there someone who can help me with this. I am now stuck because all other cards that

  • Posted by ClaricksonMerce
  • 1,843
  • 13

Connection problems


Is anyone having problems getting onto the game? Keep getting message saying check internet connection but I'm on wifi and I have even switched to 4g incase

  • Posted by user1556793698
  • 591
  • 9

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