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Any help would be greatly appreciated


Hey I'm Valerie. Love Coin Master game. Just can ever seen to get enough spins and/or coins to finish what I'm trying to do. Whether it be completing my

  • Posted by sweetlitlenurse
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In need of card


Hi all,  i'm John and i'm looking for Lord of Coins card from level Heroes. Sure appriciate it when someone willing to sent it to me , i have enough

  • Posted by JohnHensen
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  • 6

In need of cards


Hello, my name is Melissa,  and I'm a Coin Master addict. Lol fellow players, im in need of the STEAMPUNK card to compete the Bling Bling collection and

  • Posted by MelissaAngelAda
  • 1,214
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Scarecrow card


I need help I need the scarecrow card can anyone help? I would be thankful n appreciated and if I have a card that you need I will send it back to you no

  • Posted by MichealOstrande
  • 1,003
  • 12

Connection problems


Is anyone having problems getting onto the game? Keep getting message saying check internet connection but I'm on wifi and I have even switched to 4g incase

  • Posted by user1556793698
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Extra Cards


Hello :) These are the cards i have extra :)PETS: Alpaca, Mighty bull,puddy cat,fluffy panda,kitty tiger,best friendsSTATUES: Sultan,caveman joe,golden

  • Posted by AnnPersson
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Stuck on level 83


Hey all new here, stuck on level 83.. getting frustrated on attacks on my land.. trying so hard to move up a village with 11 card sets to complete which mainly

  • Posted by EllenMcCrohan
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