Coin Master In need of Spins and friends coins cards

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I need friends to get more spins add me please any cards may help to if I got something u need and u got what I need we can trade ......I will help you as much as I can I play everyday like clock work haha

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I definitely need some spins, n friends too lol

Add me Patrick fryer 

Not sure how to add anybody. If you want to add me my name is ruthmarshall look me up send me a request and I will except it. I play coin master everyday. On the need for friends. My account should have a picture of me, my Granddaughter & Great Granddaughter.
I play coin master everyday. Would love to add you as a friend to play with
Add me up then
If I knew how to add you I would so if you know how to add me please do or just tell me and I will add you because it may be hard to find me!
Add me up plz
i need all card
I need el tiger card please
I need spins

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