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Try this tip/trick!

I have won 23 jackpots in less than 12 hours by doing the following: on DoubleU 1) Go to Bunny Eggs game2) Click spin (not auto) 3) Rapidly tap the spin button and keep tapping4) Win!! Win! Win!

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Tank you
Thank you for the Bunny Egg jackpot tips!! I began using it shortly after I joined DoubeU Casino. I have actually won so many jackpots using the fast clicking method that I quit counting them. I have won everything from the 6 Bunny Jackpot to the 10 Bunny Jackpot in which I won over 500,000,000 chips in one spin!! Thank you DUC and the person who first began posting this trick!! Just like so many others, or should I say most of us, I got too greedy and kept betting more and more on different games that I have lost everything, lol. I will wait until tomorrow when I can use the wheel spin! Have fun on DUC everyone and WIN BIG!!Pamela~
Quero jack pot
I would like to win A jackpot on the
Best game ever.Very entertaining

Same  as  Bunny  eggs  is  Piggy  Jackpot   keep  on   double  Clicking   on    auto   or  normal  !!!

I have won 23 jackpot in less than 12 hours by doing the following win win win
I want more free chips

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