DoubleU Casino To win jackpots try this

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Try this tip/trick!

I have won 23 jackpots in less than 12 hours by doing the following: on DoubleU 1) Go to Bunny Eggs game2) Click spin (not auto) 3) Rapidly tap the spin button and keep tapping4) Win!! Win! Win!

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Discuss To win jackpots try this


Spiele schon bestimmt 8 Jahre noch nie einen Jackpot gewonnen

Over the last 10 years, have purchased way too much from DoubleU The game is too addictive. I finally have realized that it is a scam. When I win big the game will not allow me to choose my bet anymore. Only gives me the option to bet 16k or $200M as a minimum Resulting in the huge windfall to dwindle fast leaving me nothing and craving to purchase more to get another huge win. Each time I get near a reward level then the site goes down. Losing connection and not depositing the coins in my bank. I am so disappointed that the creators of this game have preyed on people like me who just want to play and enjoy the game. They have made it to hard to achieve the unattainable rewards and manipulated me to purchase more and more. I regret every finding this game. Tonight's maintenance has had the site down and I was happy that it made me realize how I been brainwashed to think it was ok to keep purchasing. I am going to paying off my credit card for years because of this minipluating scam of a game. Is there a Class Action lawsuit that I can join?


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Lol agreed
Yea I tried your "method " didn't work sadly
I win a lot it's a good game

I win on in the shells 

Didn't work for me!

Thank you

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