DoubleU Casino To win jackpots try this

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Try this tip/trick!

I have won 23 jackpots in less than 12 hours by doing the following: on DoubleU 1) Go to Bunny Eggs game2) Click spin (not auto) 3) Rapidly tap the spin button and keep tapping4) Win!! Win! Win!

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Verf Good site



Muy bueno

there is an achievement for that as well :)

Love the game 

loss all my chips grrrr



i want to win jackpot

the taping of the spin button can help you must have a good amount of coins or use a lower slot machine the rapid tapping helps because they use a counter bot of sorts to spin at a faster rate than you this is more when they need to re-fill the slots after a tourney. best way is to find a slot that you know for a fact is due or is close to droping the progressive jackpotat a minimum 7 as its the 7th jackpot if it does not payout you will bypass it for the jackpot 8 shooting stars is a slot macchine i know inside and out always look at the 8th and 7th jackpot example..

jackpot 8 = 249,394,770
jackpot 7 = 23,146,887

or you see this

jackpot 8 = 257,782,269

jackpot 7 = 22,952,891

always go for the 2nd slot that jackpot 7 22,952,891 will only go upto 22,999,891 and will drop but i would place money on it that you will get the jackpot 8 257,782,269 as this will only payout before it changes to 258.

just if your using rapid tapping dont play on android or your mobile you may get the app closes up on you