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Try this tip/trick!

I have won 23 jackpots in less than 12 hours by doing the following: on DoubleU 1) Go to Bunny Eggs game2) Click spin (not auto) 3) Rapidly tap the spin button and keep tapping4) Win!! Win! Win!

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It has worked for me. I usually play the slots at the Novice or Intermediate level and always pick the middle machine. I usually start with the lowest bet and after 2 spins I clean my cache (on my kindle fire) with the app CCleaner. After a couple of spins your cache is at 24 kbps after I clear it I usually win more than my betting amount and the lucky bunny jackpot of 6 or 7 bunnies a few times in 30 minutes. I also get a lot of free spins. Just use two fingers and tap real fast. If you still aren't winning than force stop your app and restart. If you do have the app CCleaner than after you force stop the app run CCleaner and it should only show processes. Club k on the Box and click on Launcher, video and download manager. Once that is done than start the app and remember to clear your cache after a couple of spins. If I haven't won in awhile I clean my double u cache and start spinning again. Hopefully this helps you and good luck!


Tried it didn't work for me
That crap don't work just takes all ur money fast

It works. Another way to win is clear your cache and try increasing your best if you haven't won in a few spins than after you start winning again. You can lower your best.


I've played this game for a long time. Never have I won a jackpot!!Ive tried raising my bets and after having to buy chips, Im done! I love this game but I just can't win big as others do. Bye Felicia, I'm just so done, y'all can have it!!!

hmm. from what i've seen, are you speaking of actual jackpots or the progressive?

Big difference.

Candycain jones. 5 mins ago tricks and hacks

Hi Norma ann Gallego,If this trick works for you, tell me how you did it. I can't seem to get it on

the only trick that this was how to lose your tokens faster LOL tried it three different times and nothing to take my tokens faster what you get for wanting something for nothing
Just took.all my tokens lol but did hit few good winners as I sunk lol ty I'll try again may not have did it right